Shyne Fills Up His Trunk W/ Gucci Mane

Shyne Fills Up His Trunk W/ Gucci Mane

Former Bad Boy Records artist Shyne is steady preparing his rap comeback by dropping a new track called “Trunk Full” alongside Southern rapper Gucci Mane.

Giving fans a “trill” sound, Shyne trades bars with the currently incarcerated Atlanta rapper.

Shyne chops and screws it up with Gucci Mane on their collaboration “Trunk Full.” The riding anthem, driven by a fast-paced beat and ominous synths, sees the Belizean rapper dropping off tough rhymes with a 16 from Gucci sandwiched between verses. “This is the realest shit ever/ Gucci Mane, Shyne, you might get your head severed,” threatens Shyne. Heed his warning. (Rap-Up)

Last fall, Shyne sat down with SOHH and discussed which artists he would like to rap alongside.

“I definitely want to collaborate with Baby, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane,” Shyne revealed to SOHH. “I’d also want to record with Usher, Rihanna, there’s a few people that I’m jacking their style, definitely. Obviously Jay-Z is always somebody you’d like to do a record with.” (SOHH)

Earlier this month, he revealed his admiration toward Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Lil Wayne.

“Most of the people I interact with are honest people. They are who they are. Drake is a kid that says ‘Listen, I’m not from the streets. I’m just making good music.’ Kanye’s a dude that doesn’t try to be anything other than who he is. [Lil] Wayne is really off the block…All the kids I respect and admire are truthful people. I like the kid Lupe Fiasco. I think he’s extraordinary. I’m really about truth, man. If you’re being honest and you have integrity, I’m all for you.” (Superstar Radio)

Last year, Shyne explained his decision to switch up his rhyming flow.

“[People] should be happy that I changed…I was monotonous and angry,” he explained in an interview. “I can’t give them that old sh*t. That anger you heard in the booth was really me. It was like listening to someone with Post Traumatic Stress [Disorder]…I’m comfortable with mine. I figured it out, but I’m not a communist. People want that sh*t, but I can’t give it to them in the old way…I’m not no f*cking magician. You gotta make that sh*t…It’s about having character and integrity. I don’t care if I only sell one album.” (Hip Hop DX)

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