Shyne Defends Dissing Diddy: “A Rat Just Doesn’t Want To Go To Jail So He Sends Everybody Else”

Shyne Defends Dissing Diddy: “A Rat Just Doesn’t Want To Go To Jail So He Sends Everybody Else”

Less than 24 hours after his Diddy “You’re Welcome” diss track dropped, former Bad Boy Records rapper Shyne has stepped forward to defend his controversial move.

Shyne took to Twitter and continued to fuel his anti-Puff campaign but said the Bad Boy CEO needs help more than anything.

“Top of the morning gangland military! The Commander in Cheif is pleased to report that no one hacked my twitter account! #All facts!,” he tweeted Thursday (August 23).

“U can’t rap about the streets make hundreds of millions off of street rap & not abide by the street code of honor.”

“What is a rat? Someone who sacrifices others for their self gain. A rat is the guy that gets caught then tells on everybody else”

“A rat isnt trying to help society a rat just doesn’t want to go to jail so he sends everybody else to jail”

“I have no malice in my heart. @iamdiddy needs help! Nobody around has the courage to help him! I’m here to help him!”

“When your child is misbehaving u have to punish him or he will self destruct! Should I allow @iamdiddy to keep destroying himself&others”

“Y’all seen what happened to mase, what he did to the lox, wolf & his cousin ak! @iamdiddy needs my help! I’m here to straighten him out!” (Shyne’s Twitter)

Yesterday, Shyne sent shockwaves across the Internet when he dropped “You’re Welcome.”

“He ain’t from there, this is not a smear, this is what they fear, the whole youth I swear,” Shyne raps, “Look, I seen the plot, what he did to Mase and did to Lox, what he did to Wolf and did to Ak/God Bless the dead, Notorious, Pac/Why would I think that I was different/So I just, sat in the distance/Kept my mouth closed, looked and listened/Learned all the trades of the sharks and fishes” (“You’re Welcome”)

Hip-hop personality Miss Info revealed the motivation behind his track this week.

1) Shyne sounds surprisingly like the same guy he was when we first met back in the 90’s. 2) Shyne says he recorded this diss song a while ago, but only released it because he feels Diddy didn’t deliver on the promises he made when they reconciled earlier this year. 3) Shyne says he turned down Diddy’s offer of money, because all he wanted was for Diddy to lobby on his behalf and help him get a US-Visa. 4) Shyne’s other complaint was on behalf of the late Anthony “Wolf” Jones, who was Diddy’s bodyguard and close friend before he was killed in 2003. He feels that Diddy should take care of Jones’ surviving mother. Shyne says, “Don’t give me any money, I don’t need it. But take care of Ms. Jones. [Diddy] gave her $10k when I started talking to him, but that was it. But while we were in Paris, he spent half a million on his chick, Cassie…If it weren’t for Wolf, if it weren’t for me, things would be very different. There would be no Ciroc deal, he wouldn’t be worth close to a billion…” (Miss Info)

In May, Shyne talked about reuniting with Diddy in Paris and why feuds no longer had any relevance to him.

“Nah, that was a man moment. When men get together, it’s not about no music, it’s not about none of that,” he said. “Men sit down and talk about men things. Music didn’t come up. I haven’t seen the dude in probably 12 years, and 10 of those years were in prison. We had so much to talk about other than music. But you never know. I feel life is about forward movement, and when you’re holding on to things, you really can’t move. And I try to keep it pushing. That’s what that meeting was about. Nobody’s perfect and if a man talks to you as a man and as a brother and says to you, “listen, I did this, I did that,” and really man up, what could you do?” (Huffington Post)

Check out “You’re Welcome” below:

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