Shyne Applauds Max B For Not Snitching: “Real G’s Don’t Fold, All The Way To The Electric Chair”

Shyne Applauds Max B For Not Snitching: “Real G’s Don’t Fold, All The Way To The Electric Chair”

Former Bad Boy Records artist Shyne has publicly shown his support for incarcerated rapper Max B in light of the ex-Dipset affiliate getting a murder conviction appeal rejected in court this week.

Prior to re-tweeting a handful of “Free Max B” comments yesterday (August 30), Shyne Po gave Max props for showing loyalty and not snitching to get out of jail on his murder conviction.

“Free Max B!,” he tweeted August 26th.

“”@michieogryboy: Free max b!”bigga velli the don !!!” max b could’ve rolled over but real g’s don’t fold. All the way to the electric chair”


Yesterday, a posted message on Max’s Twitter page nixed claims which suggested the appeal got denied.

“#TheMessenger – The appeal was never denied. #FreeMaxB,” a tweet read August 30th. (Max B’s Twitter)

Reports of the appeal news surfaced early Thursday afternoon.

An appeals court on Thursday upheld the murder conviction of a once rising Harlem rapper who is serving a 75-year term for masterminding a deadly robbery at a Fort Lee hotel six years ago. Wingate and Leerdam appealed their conviction, alleging trial errors and prosecutorial missteps. An appeals panel, however, upheld their convictions in a detailed 52-page opinion on Thursday. (North Jersey)

The earliest he could leave jail is reportedly no sooner than 30 years.

He won’t be eligible for parole from Trenton State Prison until Nov. 9, 2042. Although he wasn’t at the scene, prosecutors said Wingate orchestrated the robbery/murder – enlisting his stepbrother to do the deed – and won the convictions thanks to testimony by Wingate’s ex-girlfriend, who was at the scene. The rapper, known by the New Jersey State Department of Corrections as “INM 641403,” repeatedly has said in prison interviews that he expected his appeal would be upheld. (Cliffview Pilot)

Shyne spent nearly a decade behind bars on a shooting conviction in the early 2000’s.

Check out a recent Max B interview below:

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