“‘Shotgun’ Is The Only Time You Will See Me Get Choked Out!”

“‘Shotgun’ Is The Only Time You Will See Me Get Choked Out!”

Following the buzz behind his “Rain Dance” anthem, West Coast rapper Six Reasons has hit SOHH up with an exclusive music video for his new “Shotgun” record.

Speaking on the music video’s concept, Six said fans will get a rare chance to see him on the losing side of a fight.

“Shotgun is the only time you will see me get choked out! I had a lot of fun doing the fighting scene-the guy who’s tossing me around is actually a good friend of mine (Wes) and he trained me when I first started working out,” Six told SOHH via a statement. “It’s been a wonderful year and my fans have supported me to the fullest, so I wanted to leak a brand new song and video, as my way of saying THANK YOU! Happy T-day! Hope you enjoy!” (SOHH)

Recently, Six gave SOHH the inside scoop on his “Raindance” music video.

“I can never take credit for this video. It was a team effort. I have a team. You can have all of these wonderful ideas and magnificent sh*t you want to do but if you can’t execute it, then it means nothing. I’m blessed enough to have a good team and a good production team that can executve these ideas. When we were going to do the video, they asked me, “Six, what’s the main thing you want?” And I said, “Women. Women. Women.” It’s as simple as that. They kept looking at me and I said, “Keep looking at me and I’m going to say women again.” With this song, I wanted women and I didn’t want just random dancing. I wanted it chorograph, whatever you need to get. I didn’t want it cheesey and cheap. I wanted it clever and classy. Then we all started throwing ideas out there and it was a team effort.” (SOHH Guest Star)

He also named West Coast rap veteran Too Short SOHH Underrated.

“For SOHH Underrated, I gotta name Too Short. These awards shows […] really need to start paying homage to him. I’m not just saying that because I have a record with this guy. Seriously. Let’s look at it like this since people are going to say, “Oh, he’s got a record called ‘Raindance’ with Too Short.” I can name anybody I want to name. I’m going to keep it real. SOHH, you can dispute me if you want to because we’re going live right here and right now. This dude is the only dude I know that’s been in the game for three d*mn decades, he’s mad relevant, and never changed his style.” (SOHH Underrated)

Last month, Six Reasons detailed the meaning behind his rap alias.

“My name derives from a couple of things. God created man on the sixth day, so six is the number of man. My name basically represents the moral axis, because the world sits on an axis which turns at 360 degrees. My name represents the moral axis of man. What makes man turn? What makes man do the things that men do? There are six basic reasons: money, power, respect, fame, fear and love. Those are the six basic reasons that lead man to do the things that we do. My name just represents man in all of his glory and destruction.” (Baller Status)

Check out Six Reasons’ “Shotgun” below:

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