Shook Ones: SOHH’s Top 5 Spooky Rap Lyrics

Shook Ones: SOHH’s Top 5 Spooky Rap Lyrics

[With Halloween creeping around this weekend, SOHH has compiled the Top 5 spooky rap lyrics you may want to avoid listening to if October 31st freaks you out.]

1. Big L- “Devil’s Son”

Big L (Shook Ones)

“L’s a rebel, on a higher level, go get a shovel/ Cause I’m the only son of the motherf*cking devil/ It’s a fact I’m living foul, black/ N*ggas should have known I was sick from the shit I did a while back/ Cause being bad I couldn’t stop/ When I was in pre-school, I beat a kid to death with a wooden block/ Fagg*t n*gas I was back slapping/ I realized that every time I got mad something bad happened/ A n*gga hit me with a can of beer, then he ran in fear/ Later they found him hanging from a chandelier/ Enemies I be bucking quick/ My moms know who I am because she know who she was fucking with/ On my skull the 666, no tricks/ When I catch fits, my mom picks up the crucifix/ And I kill chumps for the cheapest price/ I’m rolling with Satan, not Jesus Christ/ Enemies I got several done/ Big L straight from hell, the m*therfucking Devil’s Son.”

Although he has passed, Big L’s hellish transformation to Satan’s spawn is enough for anyone to sleep with Jesus pieces under their pillows on Oct 31st.

2. Eminem- “Kill You”

Eminem (Shook Ones)

“B*tch I’ma kill you! Like a murder weapon, I’ma conceal you/ in a closet with mildew, sheets, pillows and film you/ Buck with me, I been through hell, shut the hell up!/ I’m tryin to develop these pictures of the Devil to sell ‘em/ I ain’t “acid rap,” but I rap on acid/ Got a new blow-up doll and just had a strap-on added/ WHOOPS! Is that a subliminal hint? NO!/ Just criminal intent to sodomize women again/ Eminem offend? NO! Eminem insult/ And if you ever give in to him, you give him an impulse/ to do it again, THEN, if he does it again/ you’ll probably end up jumpin out of somethin up on the 10th/ (Ahhhhhhhh!) Bitch I’ma kill you, I ain’t done this ain’t the chorus/ I ain’t even drug you in the woods yet to paint the forest/ A bloodstain is orange after you wash it three or four times/ in a tub but that’s normal ain’t it Norman?/ Serial killer hidin murder material/ in a cereal box on top of your stereo/ Here we go again, we’re out of our medicine/ out of our minds, and we want in yours, let us in”

Sure, go ahead and laugh at Slim Shady spitting witty raps, but take a closer look at what he’s saying and you may see Marshall Mathers is not your ordinary joker.

3. The Notorious B.I.G.- “Suicidal Thoughts”

The Notorious B.I.G. (Shook Ones)

“I swear to God I want to just slit my wrists and end this bullsh*t/ Throw the Magnum to my head, threaten to pull sh*t/ And squeeze, until the bed’s, completely red/ I’m glad I’m dead, a worthless f*ckin’ buddah head/ The stress is buildin’ up, I can’t,/ I can’t believe suicide’s on my f*ckin’ mind/ I want to leave, I swear to God I feel like death is f*ckin’ callin’ me/ But naw you wouldn’t understand (n*gga, talk to me please)”

Even though he hypnotized us with his rhymes and made everyone want to pop champagne, it’s obvious that the Brooklyn emcee had a notorious dark side.

4. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – “Nightmares On My Street”

Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff (Shook Ones)

“I thought to myself, Yo! This heat is the worst!/ But when I got downstairs, I noticed something was wrong/ I was home all alone, but the TV was on./ I thought nothin’ of it as I grabbed the remote/ I pushed the power button, and I then almost choked/ When I heard this aweful voice comin’ from behind, it said/ “You are my favorite rapper, but now you must die!”/ Man, I ain’t even wait to see who it was/ Broke inside my drawers and screamed, “So long ‘Cuz!”/ Got halfway up the block, I calmed down and stopped screamin’/ And thought, Oh, I get it, I must be dreamin’/ I strolled back home with a grin on my grill/ I’m thinkin’ since this is a dream, I might as well get ill/ I walked in the house, the big, bad, Fresh Prince/ But Freddy killed all that noise real quick/ He grabbed me by my neck and said,/ “Here’s what we’ll do. We’ve got a lotta work here, me and you,/ The souls of your friends, you and I will claim./ You’ve got the body, and I’ve got the brains.”

Laugh if you want, but Will Smith’s ode to the cult horror film classic still makes us scared to avoid dark alleys on Halloween.

5. Snoop Dogg- “Murder Was The Case”

Snoop Dogg (Shook Ones)

“As I look up at the sky/ My mind starts trippin’, a tear drops my eye/ My body temperature falls/ I’m shakin’ and they breakin’ tryin to save the Dogg/ Pumpin’ on my chest and I’m screamin’/ I stop breathin’, damn I see deamons/ Dear God, I wonder can ya save me/ I can’t die Boo-Boo’s bout to have my baby/ I think it’s too late for prayin’, hold up/ A voice spoke to me and it slowly started sayin’/ “Bring your lifestyle to me I’ll make it better”/ How long will I live?/ “Eternal life and forever”/ And will I be, the G that I was?/ ‘I’ll make your life better than you can imagine or even dreamed of/ So relax your soul, let me take control/ Close your eyes my son’/ My eyes are closed.”

Murder. Death. Snoop Dogg. Those elements combined with an equally sinister beat makes us wonder exactly what the D-O-Double G did last summer.

Honorable Mentions

Nicki Minaj’s verse on Kanye West’s “Monster”

Nicki Minaj (Shook Ones)

“Pull up in the monster/ automobile gangster/ with a bad b-tch that came from Sri Lanka/ yeah I’m in that Tonka, color of Willy Wonka/ you could be the King but watch the Queen conquer/ ok first things first I’ll eat your brains/ then I’mma start rocking gold teeth and fangs/ cause that’s what a muthaf-cking monster do/ hairdresser from Milan, that’s the monster do/ monster Giuseppe heel that’s the monster shoe/ Young Money is the roster and the monster crew.”

No pink. No Barbies. Minaj’s various personalities went full throttle to take a bite and leave a huge mark on this track. She’s a monster!

Geto Boys’ “Mind Playing Tricks On Me”

Scarface (Shook Ones)

“This year Halloween fell on a weekend/ Me and Geto Boyz are trick-or-treating/ Robbing little kids for bags/ Till an old man got behind our ass/ So we speeded up the pace/ Took a look back and he was right before our face/ We’d be in for a squab’ no doubt/ So I swung and hit the n*gga in his mouth/ He was going down, we figured/ But this was no ordinary n*gga/ He stood about six or seven feet/ Now, that’s the n*gga I’d been seeing in my sleep/ So we triple-teamed on him/ Dropping them motherf*ckin b’s on him/ The more I swung the more blood flew/ Then he disappeared and my boys disappeared, too/ Then I felt just like a fiend/ It wasn’t even close to Halloween/ It was dark as fuck on the streets/ My hands were all bloody from punching on the concrete/ God d*mn, homie/ My mind is playing tricks on me.”

A Halloween themed classic courtesy of Face Mob and Bushwick Bill.

Happy Halloween weekend from SOHH!

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