Shook Ones? Boxing Promoter Says Drake’s Too Scared To Fight Chris Brown

Shook Ones? Boxing Promoter Says Drake’s Too Scared To Fight Chris Brown

After weeks of hype and speculation, a celebrity boxing promoter now claims R&B singer Chris Brown and Drake will not face-off in a multi-million dollar match because the Young Money star is uninterested.

According to reports, the only jabs Drizzy may throw in the near future would be in music.

RumorFix has learned exclusively that a boxing match between Drake and Chris Brown will not be happening, according to boxing promoter Damon Feldman, because Drake wants no part of Brown in the ring. Feldman and wealthy entrepreneur Alki David offered Brown and Drake $5 million each to box each other three rounds in a Las Vegas fight. And Brown told RumorFix last month he was open to the idea of boxing his music rival, but “Drake won’t box,” Feldman tells us. “He said he doesn’t want to go that route. So basically he punked out. There will be no fight now,” he continued. Brown and Drake’s entourages were involved in a scuffle inside a New York nightclub back in June. Since then, Brown has publicly dissed Drake in a song. “The boxing match would have settled the grudge and helped charities. I’m pissed because Chris Brown wanted this and everything was set!” (RumorFix)

If the fight had gone down, Feldman planned to pay NBA champion Tony Parker $500,000 to referee.

Celebrity Boxing’s Damon Feldman has already offered Brown and Drake $5 million each to fight in a three, 1-minute round boxing match. Now Feldman tell us he desperately wants Parker to get involved. “I am looking to have Tony be the referee; it’s a natural choice. We are willing to give Parker $500,000 and $500,000 to a charity of his choice if he takes the job.” Feldman is hoping for the fight to take place in October, but neither Drake or Brown have formally accepted the terms of the match. (Star Pulse)

Earlier this month, Brown playfully accepted the boxing challenge.

We hope Drake has been hitting the gym because Chris Brown has accepted an offer to fight the Canadian rapper, RumorFix is the first to report. One of our photographers caught up with Brown on Wednesday morning when he was asked if he would accept boxing promoter Damon Feldman’s offer to square off in the ring against his nemesis. Brown did not hesistate for a moment when he shot back, “Yeah, I would. I would.” Feldman and wealthy entrepreneur Alki David say they will pay the winner of the fight $9 million, and the loser, a cool $1 million. Until now, both rappers had remained mum about the offer but Brown broke his silence this week with our cameras rolling. (RumorFix)

Reports of the pricey bout heated up the Internet a few weeks ago.

As fans continue to buzz about Chris Brown and Drake’s bottle-throwing battle in a Manhattan nightclub earlier this month, a promoter is offering the entertainers $1 million each to duke it out in the ring, the New York Daily News reports. Boxing promoter Damon Feldman tells the newspaper that billionaire bottling heir Alki David has offered to bankroll the bout and that he’ll sweeten the purse with an extra $1 million for charity if the two agree to lace up the gloves and fight one on one. (Detroit Free Press)

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