Sheek Louch Strengthens Wu-Tang Ties, “I’m Gonna Go To [Shaolin] & Record”

Sheek Louch Strengthens Wu-Tang Ties, “I’m Gonna Go To [Shaolin] & Record”

The LOX’s Sheek Louch has confirmed recent speculation that his ties with the Wu-Tang Clan will now result in a full-length album alongside Ghostface Killah.

Aiming for a March 2011 release, Sheek explained how his association with fellow Def Jam labelmate Ghost has developed into a collaborative project.

“Me and Ghost were just on tour together for about two months,” says Sheek. “So every night, we were writing and eventually the idea to do a project together came about organically. The plan is for me and Ghost to front it and to include certain cats from Wu-Tang and D-Block on some songs so that’s it’s a true Wu-Tang/D-Block album. I already told Raekwon, Styles P and Jadakiss that I’m going to need them on some joints. Cappadonna and Trife [Da God] are down. And we’re going to get some RZA tracks, too. It’s gonna be dope.” (VIBE)

Sheek also admitted to being in the early stages of the LP.

“We don’t have many songs done yet,” Sheek adds, “because we’ve been working hard on our solo projects. But while we were on tour, we were listening to a lot of beats and writing a lot of stuff together, so you’ll start hearing some joints from us soon…Trust me, we’re getting this done. We’re going to start sending each other tracks and laying down verses. I’m gonna go out to Staten Island and record. Real talk: We’re getting this album done. Next year, you’re going to hear this Wu-Block project.” (VIBE)

Sheek alerted fans to the possibility of a joint album last week on Twitter.

“SHEEK/GHOST FACE. Presents WU/BLOCK the album comming TOP of the year…GET READY!!!,” Sheek tweeted November 19th. (Sheek Louch’s Twitter)

This week, a Sheek and Ghost track called “The Eulogy” hit the Internet.

This chilly posse cut could be a bonus track from the new Ghostface album Apollo Kids, or a mid album stronghold from the Wu-Block full length. But in fact it’s just a hazy support for the mixtape that Carmelo Anthony put out to hype his new Jordan Melo M7’s. Those retail for $130. Ghostface is gonna get his comped though, then dip them in a bucket of molten Crayola’s and run through some mud. If Ghost actually had Melo on the phone and could get him to move to NY, then Sheek wouldn’t be able to make this Nuggs pun. In the Empire State, Mile High City and everywhere else, the mixtape is free. (The FADER)

Listen to “The Eulogy” down below:

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