“She Was A Killer, One Of The Toughest Women I Ever Seen In My Life”

“She Was A Killer, One Of The Toughest Women I Ever Seen In My Life”

The Expendables 2 co-star Terry Crews recently discussed this weekend’s new potential blockbuster action thriller and what fans can expect the second time around.

Asked about clocking in acting time alongside Hollywood icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis, Crews acknowledged the cast’s unique star power.

“[I remember] one of the big things is that we were on this airport tarmac, there we were: Sly, Arnold [Schwarzenegger], Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, myself, Chuck Norris, all shooting at Jean-Claude Van Damme. That was one shot. And I literally said we are witnessing something that will probably never ever happen again in the history of movies. These guys are all the status of kings. Modern celebrity has kind of taken the place of kings and queens. These are people who in the most remote parts of the world [where] they know who they are. To see this all at once and me being a part of it, it was surreal. It was my 12-year-old dream coming to life. You really can’t quantify and put it on a plaque. It’s mine and no one could ever take that from me. Sly has made sure, and this is what I appreciate about him, he literally told me, “Terry, you take your place. You belong here. You are ready.” He basically anointed me as this action star.” (VIBE)

He also spoke on the new movie featuring a female newcomer to the collective.

Yu Nan is the female everyone’s been waiting to see. She’s from China and she was a killer, one of the toughest women I ever seen in my life. As a guy group, we didn’t feel like a girl could even really fit in but Yu Nan wouldn’t take no for an answer and always came through. She’s already been a huge star in China [and now] the West is ready to see her.” (VIBE)

Last fall, Expendables 2 co-star Randy Couture talked to SOHH about the flick’s potential.

“Well, we’re just wrapping up all of our prep work and heading over to Bulgaria,” Couture revealed to SOHH. “We’re beginning shooting [this] October. I think all of the crew is back and we’ve added some pretty interesting names. There’s going to be some new faces with this new one. And the action is sick. I’ve read the script and I’m just scratching my head thinking, ‘How the h*ll are we going to pull this off?’ It’s amazing. I think everybody should strap on their seatbelts because it’s going to be a great ride.” (SOHH)

This time around, renowned Hollywood writer Simon West steered the flick’s direction.

The sequel is an improvement of sorts. Stallone co-wrote and directed the first one, but got Simon West (“Con Air,” “The Mechanic” ) to helm “The Expendables 2,” not that you can tell. Both direct with all the subtlety of a battering ram dipped in nitroglycerine. They tend to line up tanks and firearms and blast away, splashing digital blood all over the screen. Stallone also co-writes here, and shows a knack for hammering out “witty” “dialogue” that allows its stars to reference all their old movies with a meaty, steroid-amped nudge in the ribs. Otherwise, most of the things the characters say are monosyllabic exclamations muffled by the sounds of extreme demolition. (M Live)

Check out the movie trailer below:

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