“She Informed Us That She Was DMX’s Fiance & Mother Of His 2 Children…”

“She Informed Us That She Was DMX’s Fiance & Mother Of His 2 Children…”

[In light of incarcerated rapper DMX disputing engagement reports to alleged fiancee Yadira Borrego, Nati Celebrity Services President Domenick Nati has stepped forward to provide clarification with a statement.]

Nati Celebrity Services is a Public Relations firm and Talent representation agency in Northern California. I spoke with Yadira Borrego in May of 2011, she informed me that she was DMX’s fiance and mother of his 2 children. I was also informed that he has no exclusive representation and that he was interested in making a comeback after his July prison release. I noticed that X hasn’t been in the news about new music in 2 years and I guaranteed Yadira that we can change that, and as you can see, we did. I drafted a press release that I emailed to her for approval. She assured me that she has the authority to speak on DMX’s behalf and approved of the release. I mailed a letter to X in jail introducing myself. A week later Yadira said X called her and said he received the letter and said. “He seems like a nice guy” referring to me.

I emailed the prison and asked if I could speak to him but they said that by the time I get approved he would probably be out. So I put the release on www.naticelebs.com and I sent the release to VIBE and I called the prison that X was at and linked VIBE with their media relations department. Since I was told that Yadira has authorization for her and DMX I also contacted BET (Black Entertainment Television) about their interest in their own reality show. One of our contacts at BET sent us a standard submission form to submit a treatment that I created. At this point I asked Yadira for the fourth time, if X has a manger, she said no, so I said that we would have to be his contracted, exclusive manager to submit this treatment. So I sent X our contract for this position, expecting that he’ll sign it and mail it back.

So now I got news crews that are lined up to film his release from jail, I got magazines from the US to London that are contacting me for interviews, and I got BET waiting for a submission for them to produce his reality show, and then I read the article on vibe.com that X says Yadira is no longer his fiance and that he’s single!!! What??

Now I’m on the phone with a woman who says she’s been his manager for the last 2 years. I’m also hearing that this letter from Rick Ross is a fake! I just got off the phone with Allan Zamran‘s secretary. Allan is Rick Ross’ secretary and she said that Allan will be calling me later today.

The bottom line is, ‘we’ve been lied to.’ Either this manager is lying and she doesn’t really represent X, or Yadira’s lying and [they’re] broke up, or X is mad because he heard she’s up at the club so he called her out. We have a spotless reputation in sports and entertainment and now we’re being accused of writing a press release that is “false” and “untrue.”

We are very interested in representing DMX after his prison release next month. We’ve already proven that we have the knowledge and contacts to get his name back out there. However, if he truly does have exclusive representation, we would never overstep those boundaries.

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