Shawty Lo’s Manager Wants Peace, “I’m Trying To Put Together A Concert W/ Grand Hustle & D4L”

Shawty Lo


After last night’s violent scuffle between T.I.‘s PSC/Grand Hustle crew and Shawty Lo‘s D4L camp went down, SOHH reached out to Lo’s manager to find out how the Radio-One Dirty Awards in Atlanta turned into a police shutdown.

As previously reported by SOHH‘s Gyant Scoop, the annual ceremony erupted last night after both rapper’s entourages began to allegedly taunt one another while on stage performing their sets. Despite gossip that the fight was a publicity stunt, Shawty’s manager Johnnie Cabbell debunked these rumors.

“He didn’t come with the intention of starting any things or feeding any negativity, he had even told his crew, ‘Look, I need y’all to respect my set’. We ain’t come to the show to support any beef or support anything that’s going on ’cause there really ain’t no beef,” Johnnie told SOHH. “We came to the show to do whatever we had to do, get our award, you know what I’m saying and keep it moving.”

While Tip is known for his verbal jabs and altercations with former rap rivals like Lil’ Flip and DTP‘s Chaka Zulu, Johnnie claims it was his new artist Alfamega who off-set the show and was later arrested by Clayton County police.

“They were just really disrespecting the man on his set,” Johnnie said. “The main person that was behind all that was Alfamega. I don’t know if he was trying to prove a point, he trying to show Tip he got heart or he down, whatever, but he wasn’t doing all that in the beginning. And now all of a sudden, tonight, he just changed into a whole different character. [Big] Kuntry throwing chairs on stage, like, when did you start being bad?”

Despite Tip’s crew making eye contact at Shawty’s team while performing on-stage, Johnnie claims the entourage remained calm.

“Even when they were doing their little [diss] song, ain’t nobody trip, we just stood there,” he added. “Alfamega jumped off the stage and striked Lo’s brother. He didn’t know it I don’t think but he just hit the man for no reason. And that’s when everything really got crazy and [police] started massing everybody.”

While nothing has been made official, the manager hopes to resolve the tension before things get out of hand by uniting both crews.

“There’s too many people already in the music industry and ain’t nobody trying to lose their lives or lose another great person over some nonsense,” Johnnie explained. “I’m pesonally trying to reach out to see if we can put together a big concert with Grand Hustle and the whole D4L camp to show people that, you know, we can work together and there ain’t no beef. Show everything is squashed and let’s move on.”

Calls to T.I.’s label and the Clayton County Police Department were not immediately returned in regards to Alfamega’s status.

[For more on what’s going on in the ATL peep SOHH Atlanta]

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