Shawty Lo Says He Predicted Jay-Z’s Success, “[He’s] My Favorite Rapper Of All-Time” [Video]

Shawty Lo Says He Predicted Jay-Z’s Success, “[He’s] My Favorite Rapper Of All-Time” [Video]

Southern rapper Shawty Lo recently revealed that his favorite rapper of all-time is Jay-Z and that he knew the mogul would dominate hip-hop in the late 1990’s.

Shawty also said he related to Jay’s music from his early hustling days.

“My favorite rapper of all-time is Jay-Z,” Lo revealed in an interview. “Like, when I was coming out, when I first started listening to him, I would listen to his first album, I started listening to Jay-Z around the Hard Knock Life and was like, ‘D*mn, that dude got some real sh*t.’ I said it sounded like he was rapping about me because I was heavy the streets, doing what I do. And I just felt like he was talking about me and I used to tell my friends, they used to be listening to other stuff and I used to say, ‘This man right here is gonna take over. He’s gonna be the bigger rapper at the end of the day.’ I seen that, my boy would say, ‘Nah,’ and then I was just listening to The Blueprint 3 and Jay-Z when he say ‘He made Puff pass cause nobody could f*ck with Puff when Puff had it.'” (Vlad TV)

Jay recently made Billboard history by having the most Top 10 singles of all-time.

Jay-Z’s “Young Forever” rounds out the top 10, jumping from No. 12 to No. 10. He now leads all rappers with the most to top 10 singles ever. He’s got 17 under his belt. Before “Young,” Jay’s 16 tied him with Ludacris. Luda’s on his heals, though. His “My Chick Bad,” featuring Nicki Minaj is at No. 11 this week. (Entertainment Weekly)

Jay’s BP3 made history upon its release in 2009 for out-debuting late rock icon Elvis Presley.

Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 has smashed the late Elvis Presley’s record of number one albums. Hov’s new release became the top nationwide release this week and his 11th overall No. 1 album. According to Nielsen Soundscan, the self-proclaimed “Best Rapper Alive’s” latest effort has sold 476,100 copies after seven days in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Over the weekend, the rapper performed on “Saturday Night Live.”

Musical Guest: Jay-Z “Jay-Z took the stage where he first performed a medley (that was apparently too long ) of his hit songs and eventually was joined by Bridget Kelly for “Empire State of Mind.” Later on Mr. Hudson wearing some strange pants teamed up with the rapper on “Young Forever,” which he dedicated to the “most incredible Betty White.” Too bad Betty and Jay did not do a skit together. (TV Spread It)

Check out Shawty Lo speaking on Jay-Z down below:

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