Shawty Lo On Lil Wayne’s Jail Bid, “That Year Is Gonna Be Gone In No Time”

Shawty Lo On Lil Wayne’s Jail Bid, “That Year Is Gonna Be Gone In No Time”

Southern rapper Shawy Lo recently talked about Lil Wayne‘s one-year jail sentence and working with the incarcerated emcee for their “WTF” music video.

From the D4L frontman’s perspective, Wayne should have no problem completing his sentence.

“Wayne’s like one of the hardest workers in the game. He probably is the hardest worker in the game. And he done did so much, it’s gon’ be like he was [still] here. And that year [in prison], it’s gon’ be gone in no time.” (VIBE)

Shawy recently spoke on what the “WTF” music video’s underlying theme was.

“It’s just what it stands for: ‘What the F,’ man,” Lo said about the song. “It’s crazy, man. It’s a record me and Weezy did at the beginning of the month. We decided we might as well shoot the video for it. It’s a good look. Everybody wants the song, but I’mma release it [NBA] All-Star Weekend. It’s just basically street. ‘What the F.’ Our style of music. Nice beat, crazy lyrics. It was crazy. Everybody came out and supported. We started 6 in the a.m. and didn’t finish until 6 the next morning. We had a club performance, we had the rooftop performance and an inside-studio performance. Like, three, four good scenes. It’s gonna be a good video…We got a lot of good footage.” (MTV)

According to reports, Wayne cannot sign autographs as he completes his jail sentence on a gun possession charge.

A rep for the Correction Officer’s Benevolent Association tells us officials issued the no autograph mandate because “Lil Wayne is not a celebrity in here.” The rep also tells us Wayne isn’t getting any special treatment while at Rikers — but we’re told the rapper really hasn’t requested anything out of the ordinary. (TMZ)

Shawty is currently putting the finishing touches on his Carlos sophomore project.

“The whole concept of this album is really an interpretation of how I and a majority of the people around me feel or have felt and the lives we’ve lived,” he said in a statement. “I know I’ve said it before but I came from nothing and have made it to the other side, but I can’t turn my back on my hood because that place and my community have made me who I am. I’ve never proclaimed to be no more than what I am, so if people love or hate me, at least they love or hate me for being exactly who I am and not some manufactured image.” (Hip Hop Press)

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