Shanell On YMCMB’s Never-Ending Rumor Mill: “It Comes W/ The Territory”

Shanell On YMCMB’s Never-Ending Rumor Mill: “It Comes W/ The Territory”

With Lil Wayne‘s Young Money empire continuing to grow with star-studded additions, SOHH recently hit up Shanell aka SnL to find out how she deals with the never-ending YMCMB rumors.

While SnL admitted the gossip used to get under her skin, the R&B vixen said she has learned to deal with the endless headlines.

“Dealing with the rumors comes with the territory,” Shanell told SOHH. “I had to realize too. I used to get mad like, ‘What did they say?! Where they at!?’ [laughs] But I realized we live a life where we’re in front of everybody. Like with other people, they’re not set in front of you where they can say if they like you or don’t like you. You have people that like to think, ‘The only way you got here is by doing this…’ We give them something to talk about and that’s fine with me now. Once I understood, ‘I could give people their conversation for the day. Great,’ I was fine. It just comes with the territory.” (SOHH)

Shanell also dished on being warned about the nasty rumors prior to blowing up on YMCMB.

“I’ve always said what everyone has said. This industry is not easy. It’s not easy but it’s worth it,” Shanell added. “You got to be your best friend and your biggest fan. The better and bigger you get, the more people are going to want to tear you down or not see you do good. I don’t know why that is. They can’t get what you’ve got so they’re going to try and take it away from you and you’ve got to try and be strong and not let anything get in the way of what you want. It’s been said so many times to me and I would be like, ‘Yeah,’ but once it started happening, I was like, ‘Ohhhh. I see what you’re talking about.’ If you really want to do it, you’ve got to have a passion for it. It can’t just be, ‘I want to be on TV.’ It’s work.” (SOHH)

A few years ago, Lil Wayne dismissed dating rumors involving his Young Money protégé.

“That’s a rumor, sweetheart,” he said. “No, it’s never been a personal thing. As far as us being friends, yeah. That’s my friend. Shanell is a great artist and that’s it, period. She’s a Young Money great artist. I heard a rumor that she was pregnant from me. How could that be? We’ve never had sex. How could she be pregnant from me? You’ve got to have sex to be pregnant. That’s one of the things you have to do. I don’t understand how people’s brains work. You know? I’m a really big person. I’m a real superstar. I’m not afraid to tell you or nobody else, you know? I die every week [according to the rumors]. I’m in jail right now [according to the rumors].” (Lil Wayne HQ)

Shanell previously said pregnancy reports stemmed from past gossip.

“Basically it came from a corny rumor that escalated,” Shanell said in an interview. “First I was dating him, then I was his girlfriend, then we were getting married, then we were settling down and now I’m pregnant. It’s so foolish we’ve haven’t paid it any attention…All the rest of the rumors were kinda funny except that one. When my mother called me like, ‘Um?,’ [I was] like, ‘No! Are you serious?’ I don’t care about the rumors, but I just want people to know that I’m not pregnant. I’ve got an album coming out, I’m a dancer, I’m in shape and children are not anywhere in my future.” (MTV)

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