Sha Money XL Talks G-Unit’s Interscope Let-Down, “I’m Sorry Jimmy Iovine But It’s The Truth” [Video]

Sha Money XL Talks G-Unit’s Interscope Let-Down, “I’m Sorry Jimmy Iovine But It’s The Truth” [Video]

G-Unit producer Sha Money XL recently spoke on the problems 50 Cent‘s rap group has had with Interscope Records and what the future holds for the hip-hop mogul.

Calling out the label’s staff members, Sha broke down the reasons behind Interscope’s artist development problems.

“Honestly, G-Unit is going through a new phase right now and Interscope right now is not the best home for them,” Sha said in an interview. “It’s a point in time where employees and everybody just not ethused enough to making things move forward and the staff…honestly, everybody rode off the G-Unit wave. They didn’t have to f*cking work, we f*cking created the wave and they rode it. So soon as it’s time to work and they gotta show and prove, ain’t nobody show and proved and f*cking getting radio and nobody doing what they gotta do ’cause it’s a f*cking c*ck sucking industry, aight? So everybody rode the wave and now we’re sitting here wondering what the f*ck is wrong with Interscope. They never had to f*cking work in the beginning, I’m sorry Jimmy [Iovine] but it’s the truth. Get better f*cking employees…50 is the f*cking genius man, honestly, he’s unpredictable. As much as I knew him from 1996 to now, motherf*cker is unpredictable, he’s crazy. You can’t never understand what he’s gonna do next. He’s a genius, so you know what? There’s more Vitamin Water deals coming.” (The Urban Daily)

New York City radio personality Funkmaster Flex recently threatened to stop playing records by Interscope.

“Let me tell you something Nino, New York I’m talking to a person who makes decisions, who does things up there moving funny style,” Flex said on his radio show about an Interscope employee last month. “Interscope Records, nothin’ is spinning…50, from what I hear, your deal is up at Interscope, we got you. I’d walk out that building after that…That Eminem album is coming Interscope, I take pride in how I’m gonna do this movement…Unfortunately, we’re not gonna be able to play those Eminem and Dr. Dre records and I’m so sorry this is the way this has to go down with this guy’s album coming. I want us all to be friends, but Nino is not a friend of ours. I will go on with this, Nino, you got 24 hours to fix yourself or this goes some place else, tomorrow…Nino is the only one I’m letting off today, tomorrow I’m teeing off on the whole team.” (Hot 97)

Despite releasing a multi-platinum album via Interscope, G-Unit’s Lloyd Banks has left the label.

Banks also cleared up the Interscope rumor — he hasn’t been signed to the label since 2007, when he fulfilled his contractual requirements. He hasn’t decided what label his next album will be on, but 50 Cent will definitely have it under his umbrella. He’ll continue to drop mixtapes in the meantime — it’s like practice. (MTV)

Busta Rhymes also left Interscope due to internal problems last year.

“I just like to give people my latest greatest,” Busta said in an interview. “So when I did the Back On My BS album, that was the album I decided to record as a result of the new excitement, the new deal, the new enthusiasm, the new support system…When that situation didn’t feel like it was going the way I wanted it to go, the false starts, I said You know what, maybe this album ain’t the one I should be coming with right now…I was able to grow comfortably before I got to Aftermath and Interscope, not to say there’s anything wrong with my relationship with [Dr.] Dre or Jimmy. My problem was certain things I know through my experience of professionally recording that was supposed to be facilitated wasn’t being facilitated…I’ve sold many multiple platinum albums and have had a very successful career run before I got over there. I just wanted to get back to sitting behind the wheel, controlling my own destiny.” (Hard Knock TV)

Check out Sha Money’s interview below:

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