Sha Money XL On Lloyd Banks’ ‘HFM2′ Label Love, “They Just Did My Homie Wrong” [Audio]

Sha Money XL On Lloyd Banks’ ‘HFM2′ Label Love, “They Just Did My Homie Wrong” [Audio]

Def Jam A&R VP Sha Money XL recently spoke on the sales performance of Lloyd BanksHunger For More 2 album, and why he tried to lure the G-Unit member to his label.

Sha believes Banks’ project lacked the support and guidance he could have provided at Def Jam.

“I tried to bring [Lloyd] Banks, but they chose EMI,” Sha told radio host EI8HT. “The album was amazing but I know I could have did more at Def Jam because Banks is a star. He just needs the right people behind his music. He got 50 [Cent] behind him but I think the machine of Capitol/EMI, they just didn’t know what they had. So, they just did my homie wrong. But I tried to bring Banks in.” (Street Disciplez Radio)

No stranger to speaking his mind, Sha previously called out Interscope for their efforts in promoting G-Unit.

“Honestly, G-Unit is going through a new phase right now and Interscope, right now, is not the best home for them,” Sha said in a May 2009 interview. “It’s a point in time where employees and everybody [aren’t] enthused enough to make things move forward and the staff…honestly, everybody rode off the G-Unit wave. They didn’t have to f*cking work, we f*cking created the wave and they rode it. So soon as it’s time to work and they gotta show and prove, ain’t nobody show and proved and f*cking getting radio and nobody doing what they gotta do […] It’s a f*cking c*ck sucking industry, aight? So everybody rode the wave and now we’re sitting here wondering what the f*ck is wrong with Interscope. They never had to f*cking work in the beginning, I’m sorry Jimmy [Iovine], but it’s the truth. Get better f*cking employees…50 is the f*cking genius man, honestly, he’s unpredictable. As much as I knew him from 1996 to now, motherf*cker is unpredictable, he’s crazy. You can’t never understand what he’s gonna do next. He’s a genius…” (The Urban Daily)

Last year, Sha talked to SOHH about what inspired him to join Def Jam.

“Honestly, I’m from Hollis, Queens, born and raised in Queens Village, and Jam Master Jay was the first dude to really put me on, being that when you think of Hollis, Queens, you gotta think of Run-DMC, Jam Master Jay, the illest rappers to ever do it,” Sha told SOHH. “Coming from Queens, starting the whole sh*t for hip-hop on a platinum level and you take that legacy with Russell Simmons, mix it up with the same Hollis streets that I walked in, the fact that I was mentored by Jam Master Jay, who is d*mn near the f*cking Def Jam. You put all of that in a melting pot and then you got me, who knows how to do it from a street level to a corporate level in the music. I’m a music man, you know what I mean? Not just a snob, exec-type dude. I do this music sh*t for real and I know what’s needed.” (SOHH)

Although having fallen out of the Top 50 since its release last November, Banks’ HFM2 debuted in the Top 30 during its opening week.

G-Unit member Lloyd Banks’ Hunger For More 2 debuted on the chart this week finding a spot at No. 26. After seven days in stores, the “Punch Line King’s” newest solo effort managed to sell 44,500 records. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out Sha Money XL’s interview down below:

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