Sha Money XL On Former G-Unit Members, “Had Game Still Been On G-Unit, He’d Be On Fire Right Now”

Sha Money XL On Former G-Unit Members, “Had Game Still Been On G-Unit, He’d Be On Fire Right Now”

SOHH caught up with former G-Unit associate Sha Money XL to get an update on his current relationship with 50 Cent‘s camp.

Sha, now the Senior VP of A&R at Def Jam, also took a moment to reflect on ex-Unit members Young Buck and Game.

“I speak with [Lloyd] Banks, [Tony] Yayo and 50 [Cent] at least two times a week just on some friendship,” Sha said about keeping in contact with G-Unit. “Those are my homeboys, like, we family. So it ain’t always about business or money, it’s just checking on a n*gga, you know what I mean? I never turned cold on my n*ggas, I’m not that kinda dude even if I ever had a difference with Fif, the world would never see that sh*t because I ain’t built on those kinds of things. So all that bullsh*t, like, I respect Buck in a sense of him just being my n*gga, but, when you leave a crew just because your business decisions wasn’t right for you, you can’t just de-character the man that helped you become the man that you are. I tip my hat off to 50 because he helped a lot of real n*ggas get money and a lot of artists that came up, Banks is chilling, Yayo is chilling, Buck was chilling, I don’t know where he at right now but he was good. Even Game, that’s why he was called ‘Hurricane,’ because he was riding that G-Unit wave, where’s that sh*t at now? Those guys still make those records and obviously it’s not the same quality of music so had he still been on G-Unit, I think he would be on fire right now. That sound, ‘Hate It Or Love It,’ you can never make that record again. I just don’t do the turn love and then turn cold a n*gga and get crazy with him in public type of thing. That sh*t is for cowards and n*ggas that just want attention, I don’t do that.” (SOHH)

Sha also updated SOHH on what the Unit has been up to as of late.

“Banks’ album is the one coming this year,” Sha said about the rapper’s upcoming Hunger For More 2. “50’s filming movies, man, that motherf*cker is about to be the next Tyler Perry yo. He’s coming out with movies that ‘he’ produced, his company. That sh*t is real, not that little Master P one, two movie sh*t, like real movies man. He’s gonna be in Forbes again, Tyler Perry’ing it with movies for right now, he’s studying, writing, he’s doing movies right now. Yayo [has been] in Detroit doing a movie with Benny Boom, he’s getting into the acting thing too, he’s expanding his career, he’s got some other things coming, a clothing line in the works, Yayo is doing his one-two. He’s staying busy man.” (SOHH)

Last March, Lloyd Banks reflected on Young Buck and Game’s Unit exits.

“I don’t know what people don’t understand,” he said in an interview. “If this was all over today and we had to go back to the hood, we would be together. You feel me? We family. You stick with family through thick and thin. Its easier to jump ship when you ain’t part of the crew. These guys complain when ‘they’ f*ck up. But, when they were over here, they were driving $200,000 cars, [had] million dollar cribs and G-Unit pom-poms up. Once the parade go by, they want to complain.” (All Hip Hop)

Sha’s new position at Def Jam was publicly revealed last April.

“I’ve been floating around this industry since I’ve just been executive-producing 50 [Cent]’s albums,” XL said in an interview. “Finally, the call came. It felt so good. Def Jam is such a strong company and strong roster. The staff is amazing. I felt it instantly. I knew that this is something I can do with my New York vision and New York swag and bring that for all the guys that’s based out here…I spoke to Fif, to [his manager Chris] Lighty. I would love to see [G-Unit] there…Banks has an amazing record right now, independently. If things work out, then yeah, I would love to see that happen.” (MTV)

Check out a recent Tony Yayo interview below:

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