Sha Money XL Defends 50 Cent’s Singing, “He’s One Of The Best Hook Writers In Hip-Hop Ever”

Sha Money XL Defends 50 Cent’s Singing, “He’s One Of The Best Hook Writers In Hip-Hop Ever”

G-Unit producer Sha Money XL recently discussed 50 Cent‘s knack for singing his own hooks and why the sound complements the music.

In Sha’s perspective, Fif’s hook-writing ability has helped propel him to his current level of superstardom.

“You know what? Music is music to me. So whether you’re rapping, you’re singing–you Kirko Bangz or Drake or Kid Cudi, everyone got their different ways they can create their voices to be in melody. T-Pain it, whatever. If it sounds good, it’s good. It was new for me. I was fucking with it. ‘Cause melody–we’re here to be entertained. If you singing everything in the same tone and it’s serious, that’s why they weren’t making hits. We sold 15 million on Get Right or Die Trying. That’s ’cause he was making records that appealed to more people. He’s one of the best hook writers in hip-hop ever.” (XXL Mag)

Prior to beginning a two-year jail sentence last year, Unit rival Ja Rule poked fun at Fif’s singing.

“@50cent talked about me singing but that n*gga sure be hitting that high note lol My STUDENT!!!,” he tweeted March 23rd.

“Lmao The PUPPET MASTER @50cent u still P*SSY at the end of the day haha!!! Follow Me!!!” (Ja Rule’s Twitter)

Last month, the G-Unit head said his new LP would drop this summer, with or without support from Interscope Records.

“There’s a lot more business involved [in putting out an album] than the general public is aware of. And that part causes the actual delay with [Interscope]. I’m releasing my album July 3rd, whether it has commercial promotions or not,” 50 said in an interview. “My birthday is July 6, and I planned for it. And I’m doing everything that I planned to do regardless if its huge airplay or not. I could care less, I’m putting the record out.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out some recent 50 Cent footage below:

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