Serena Williams Stuns Reporter After Crip Walk Question: “Why Are You Asking Me That?” [Video]

Serena Williams Stuns Reporter After Crip Walk Question: “Why Are You Asking Me That?” [Video]

Tennis superstar Serena Williams raised a few eyebrows over the weekend when she got asked about her headline-generating crip walk dance from this month’s London Olympics.

During a press conference for the women’s U.S. Open tournament, Williams lashed out at a reporter who asked about her gold medal-winning celebration dance.

This weekend, a reporter at the U.S. Open asked Serena Williams about the controversial “crip walk” dance she performed after winning the Olympics this summer. Serena didn’t appreciate the question and chose to play dumb, then criticized the reporter for asking such a negative question: Q: “You of all people know the crip walk is not just a dance. I was wondering if you have any regrets doing it in front of everybody?” Serena: “First of all, it was just a dance. I didn’t know that’s what it was called. Secondly, why are you asking me that? Like, that’s so … I mean, if anything you should be trying to ask me questions to lift me up, not bring up such things. I’m done with that question.” (USA Today)

Coincidentally, she answered a question in relation to the crip walk dance last week.

Will Serena Williams dance at the U.S. Open? The Olympic singles champion isn’t sure. Williams caused a stir with her celebratory “crip walk” dance when she beat Maria Sharapova at the Olympics this month, but has nothing planned if she wins next month’s Open. She says the first dance was impromptu. She adds: “I have to win seven matches, so we’ll see.” (AP)

A few weeks ago, West Coast rapper Mann talked to SOHH and came to Williams’ defense in light of the bad press.

“I saw Serena Williams crip walking and I think she was gangster for doing that, honestly,” Mann told SOHH about the fellow West Coast entertainer. “I think that was pretty fly. Yeah, [it was more playful], exactly. I felt like she was just representing. And it kind of makes it, like, I know the Olympics is kind of serious but it can be fun, I feel like. You know? They can have fun if they win. As long as it’s not in an ill manner. I don’t feel like that was ill-mannered or ill. You know? Or ill intention. She was just having fun, she won.” (SOHH)

Recently, rap icon Snoop Dogg also applauded her crip walk.

“Shot out to Serena williams. C walking at the Olympics Cpt style hahahahah! Go girl.,” he tweeted August 4th. (Snoop Dogg’s Twitter)

Check out Serena Williams addressing the reporter below:

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