Sean Price Softens Blow To Kid Cudi Fans [Video]

Sean Price Softens Blow To Kid Cudi Fans [Video]

Boot Camp Clik‘s Sean Price has publicly apologized for controversially taunting Kid Cudi fans to “kill” themselves.

According to Price, his words were only meant to be perceived as a joke.

“You know what, I know I just said that, it’s not no real, I don’t know what you want to call it — I shouldn’t have said it like that,” Price explained in an interview. “Even if you don’t like they fans, you don’t tell them to kill themselves because you know suicide [ain’t] nothing to play with. So for that part, I apologize. It’s music-wise though, I don’t want to see them beat him up in the street or put harm on him…I still don’t like his music.” (Supa Laura’s Raw & Uncut)

Price initially mocked Cudi’s fans and their support of his material.

“If you got Sean Price in your playlist and Kid Cudi in the same playlist, you need to don’t be my fan no more, get outta here,” Price said in a video. “Matter of fact, if you’re a Kid Cudi fan, kill yourself. And that’s all I got to say about that.” (Pound)

Last month, Cudi talked about no longer allowing artists to disrespect him.

“The last album, I let people dis me, throw out those jabs in their verses and have their little slick remarks. This time around, I’m not f*cking around. I have no time to think about other n*ggas. These other motherf*ckers like feeding off another n*gga’s energy, so they mention their name. You hear me talk about n*ggas? … N*ggas are just so thirsty it’s ridiculous. I’ve been eating humble pie forever, and people still call me an a**hole. These people don’t know my f*cking life–now I’m going to give them something to talk about.” (Complex)

Price has over two decades worth of music in his catalogue.

In the mid-’90s, Sean Price, known then as Ruck, and partner Rock dropped their debut album,Nocturnal, as the rap outfit Heltah Skeltah during a time when East Coast hip-hop was delivering mainstream and underground classics left and right. Heltah Skeltah and the rest of their collective, the Boot Camp Clik, never enjoyed the popular success of East Coast acts Wu-Tang Clan or Mobb Deep, but they did receive that same critical acclaim. (All Music)

Check out Sean Price speaking on his controversial Kid Cudi statement below:


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