Sean Kingston “Throwing Up Blood Out Of His Mouth” After Jet Ski Wreck

Sean Kingston “Throwing Up Blood Out Of His Mouth” After Jet Ski Wreck

More details have been released in relation to singer Sean Kingston‘s rescue following a major jet ski crash in Florida over the weekend including his condition upon being saved.

According to the Coast Guard’s Jonathan Rivera, Kingston had blood coming out of his mouth after the Sunday (May 29) crash.

Jonathan Rivera, a member of the Coast Guard, says he was driving his boat around Star Island on his day off … when he was called over to the accident scene by a man and a woman on a jet ski. Rivera says he noticed an empty jet ski, a woman in the water floating (she was wearing a vest and complaining her head hurt) and Kingston. Rivera says the two people on the jet ski were trying to hold Kingston up, but they were struggling to keep his head above water. Rivera says Kingston’s size was a problem for them, as his life vest had come off. So Rivera says he jumped in the water and noticed Kingston was “puking up blood out of his mouth.” (TMZ)

While currently in stable conditions, artists like Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have voiced their support for Kingston.

“My love & prayers are with Sean Kingston & his family.,” Minaj tweeted May 30th. (Nicki Minaj’s Twitter)

Rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em also sent his prayers to Kingston.

“praying for my brother @seankingston I hope he makes a full recovery… smh it’s always something :(,” he tweeted May 30th. (Soulja Boy Tell Em’s Twitter)

Details of the crash landed online early Monday morning.

Rapper Sean Kingston is in a Miami area hospital Sunday night after crashing into a bridge while riding a watercraft, officials said. The crash happened around 6 p.m. EST when Kingston drove his jet ski into a bridge connecting Palm Island to the MacArthur Causeway. Kingston and a female passenger were rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Reports say he may be in critical condition. (Chicago Tribune)

Check out some past Sean Kingston footage below:

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