Sean Kingston Squares Off W/ Repo Man, Loses His Fancy Whip After Dispute [Video]

Sean Kingston Squares Off W/ Repo Man, Loses His Fancy Whip After Dispute [Video]

Dancehall singer Sean Kingston reportedly had a rough outing in Los Angeles this week after having one of his luxury vehicles repossessed.

Details and footage of the incident have landed across the Internet.

Sean Kingston’s night out took an unexpected and humiliating turn when his Bentley got REPOSSESSED on Sunset Boulevard — and TMZ has video of his crew squaring off with the repo man. According to our sources, Kingston valeted his car at the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood last night. The valet kept the car in front ’cause that’s what they do with high-profile rides … and that’s when the repo crew struck. We’re told the repo guys backed in their tow truck and hooked up the Bentley in a matter of seconds — impressive because the hotel has a REALLY small driveway and valet area. (TMZ)

Despite putting up a verbal fight, Kingston still lost his vehicle.

Someone got Sean out of the hotel … and in the video you can see him arguing with the repo guy, and at one point he yells, “I paid for it already.” Too little too late … the Bentley got towed. Cops were called for the fight, but no arrests were made. (TMZ)

Buzz behind Kingston facing a hefty $5 million sprouted across Internet last August.

Now, however, Carissa Capeloto is reopening the case by suing the “Beautiful Girls” singer for a minimum of $5 million, telling authorities that she has been psychologically marred by the incident. Capeloto, now 22, alleges that back in 2010, she was escorted to Kingston’s hotel room for a meet-and-greet following a Justin Bieber concert — but things went awry when the singer’s bodyguard, a band member, and the singer himself proceeded to gang rape her. (Us Magazine)

In fall 2011, Kingston and video vixen Maliah Michel were romantically involved with one another.

Pop singer Sean Kingston is confirming rumors that he’s dating Canadian rapper Drake’s ex-girlfriend. The rumors started on Sunday night after Kingston walked the rep carpet at the American Music Awards with Maliah, an urban magazine model. Shortly after their outing, Kingston was slammed by bloggers for dating Drake’s “sloppy seconds,” but Kingston had this response on Twitter: “Sloppy seconds? Not that at all … she is a great woman with a great heart that deserves the best in life.” Way to stay classy, Kingston. Maliah also retweeted her beau’s message to her followers confirming that they are indeed an item. (RumorFix)

Check out the incident:

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