Scott Storch’s Problems Mount Up, Wanted By Police

Scott Storch’s Problems Mount Up, Wanted By Police

Miami producer Scott Storch is reportedly wanted by police after failing to pay nearly $30,000 in child support.

Details of the arrest warrant hit the Internet Sunday (October 14) morning.

Scott Storch is officially a wanted man — a Florida court has ordered the legendary hip-hop producer to be arrested immediately for failing to pay over $20,000 in child support and other bills … TMZ has learned. According to court docs, Storch has failed to cough up $28,300 to his baby mama as ordered by the court — then failed to appear in court to explain himself. Following the missed court date, a judge issued an arrest order, directing cops to nab Storch asap and bring him to court. (TMZ)

Despite the seriousness, one payment could help Scott clean-up the messy legal case.

Storch can make it all go away if he coughs up the $28,300 he allegedly owes. Scott also has problems on the West Coast — we’ve learned the Beverly Hills Hotel filed a police report this week, claiming the producer skipped out on a $4,000 bill … and now cops are hoping for a chat. They even reached out to Bradford Cohen — Stroch’s former lawyer– hoping to find him. Calls to Storch’s people were not returned. (TMZ)

Back in February, Storch got busted on a drug-related crime.

Music producer Scott Storch was arrested earlier this month (February) for cocaine possession – and RumorFix has the mugshot. A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Police Department confirmed that Storch was arrested on Saturday, February 4, for possession of a controlled substance; that substance being cocaine. The rep adds, “Police encountered Storch in connection to a dispute call allegedly concerning his Cosmopolitan Hotel bill.” Storch, who has produced music for artists like Christina Aguilera, has since been released. No word on when he’s due in court to face the possession charge. (RumorFix)

The hitmaker previously talked about the efforts he made to better himself and get back to his music grind.

“I’m taking it back to square one,” he explained in an interview. “I found myself slipping a little bit, got involved in doing drugs and you know, I had to get myself into recovery, realized I was powerless over it and you know, being in the life that I was living, very fast moving, option to do or buy anything you want, go anywhere you wanna go definitely takes its toll on you. And you lose your concept of reality with the drugs and everything, had to get it under control so I’m taking it back to the beginning, back to the Hit Factory where I made a lot of my hits.” (MTV)

Check out some past Scott Storch footage below:

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