Scott Storch Produced Dr. Dre & Jay-Z’s “Under Pressure”

Scott Storch Produced Dr. Dre & Jay-Z’s “Under Pressure”

Hitmaker Scott Storch is reportedly responsible for the upcoming Dr. Dre and Jay-Z collaboration, “Under Pressure.”

Based on a press release, Storch has been putting in time with the West Coast rap mogul.

Famed Grammy Award winning producer Scott Storch has come together with legendary Grammy Award winning super-producer Dr. Dre to produce the long awaited first single, “Under Pressure” off the highly anticipated album, “Detox.” This project has been in the works for some time, which has created a wave of hope and anticipation. Storch has worked with Dr. Dre in the past on such classics as, “Still D.R.E,” “The Chronic 2000″ and the Grammy award winning rapper Eve‘s single, “Let Me Blow Your Mind.” This collaborative effort always forfeits great results creatively. Bluewave Group, Inc. President Derek Jackson said, “To see Scott Storch and Dr. Dre back together, signifies the change in the music industry climate as we know it. This will definitely get the industry back in step with the world.” (Market Wire)

Earlier this year, Storch talked about linking with the “Doc.”

“I’m doing a lot of reuniting as far as why I’m out here in LA,” Storch explained in an interview. “I’m doing Dr. Dre’s album right now. Detox. Well I’m here now, [so] we’re gonna see it. We’re gonna see it. You know, Dre opened up many doors for me and called me out, embraced me and took me back in after the publicly known drug addiction that I went through and it’s a blessing to be back.” (VIBE)

Dre recently said his new single would likely be released this month.

“Yes, hopefully we’ll be releasing [‘Under Pressure’] in the next two weeks or so,” Dre said in an interview referring to his Jay-Z collaboration. “And I’m definitely gonna be putting the album out this year. Finally, you know, and I think everybody is gonna be happy with it. That’s it right now. I’m just trying to finish this record, finally get it done, get it out and start promoting it.” (CNBC)

He previously admitted the album would likely be delayed until closer to 2011.

A script for another huge push back of the mythical album has been written. Dr. Dre is featured in the Dimedrop section of the March Edition of SLAM Magazine. The interview is mainly about Basketball but as usual, the interviewer Konate Primus couldn’t resist asking the producer about the status of the album. “Well, I’m working on it, but also I’ve been working on other people’s projects; you’ll probably hear something in a year or so.” (Hip Hop N More)

Check out a past Scott Storch interview below:

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