Scott Storch Never “Fell Off” During Drug Addiction Battle, “I Had To Rebuild” [Video]

Scott Storch Never “Fell Off” During Drug Addiction Battle, “I Had To Rebuild” [Video]

Producer Scott Storch recently talked about never falling off despite a recent battle against drug addiction which forced him out of the public spotlight.

Speaking on his comeback, Storch also discussed his ability to use versatility in song-making.

“One of the keys to my music over the years is there is no particular sound,” Storch told DJ Skee in an interview. “I’ve had strings of music like my Arabic stuff that I was doing for a while that I liked, but there’s never been one thing that’s why it’s hard to even know like, ‘Oh, that’s a Scott Storch’ record. That versatility of just trying anything, it keeps you able to work on anything and not get labeled as, ‘You do this, that.’ I didn’t fall off, I fell, with my personal life and I had to rebuild. It’s like, they say a champion isn’t a true champion until he falls from the top. Stay away from cocaine. Save your money.” (DJ Skee TV)

Late last year, Storch spoke on hip-hop artists helping him fight drug addiction.

“It’s just a matter of regaining respect and trust, but as far as track record, I think I have done way above the average producer in the world,” Storch explained in an interview. “My addiction was based on being trapped in it through, not so much, depression or escape, but it was more like partying too much and having too much fun until it got unhealthy. I just made a change in my life. It really isn’t a battle or a constant thing. Its just something I don’t want to do. I like the way I feel so it hasn’t been a thought…Dre was there for me. I remember Ludacris came over to check on me to make sure I was ok, just having heard stuff. Different people that care about me…my boy Adam. You know, just various people have remained loyal to me. Quincy Jones. I would have to say Timbaland.” (All Hip Hop)

Storch previously talked about the efforts he made to better himself.

“I’m taking it back to square one,” he explained in an interview. “I found myself slipping a little bit, got involved in doing drugs and you know, I had to get myself into recovery, realized I was powerless over it and you know, being in the life that I was living, very fast moving, option to do or buy anything you want, go anywhere you wanna go definitely takes its toll on you. And you lose your concept of reality with the drugs and everything, had to get it under control so I’m taking it back to the beginning, back to the Hit Factory where I made a lot of my hits.” (MTV)

Recently, the producer’s mom, Joyce Yolanda Storch, called him out over his lack of support.

“Scott always told me he had plans to do certain things for the family,” she said in an interview. “But then I guess things got bad before he got around to it. I read about all these other rappers’ mothers — P. Diddy‘s mother, Kanye West‘s mother, Jay-Z‘s mother. Their sons all took care of them. If he reads this, he would be very angry at me. He’s not going to ever give me anything. I think that maybe you should make sure your mother has her retirement taken care of before you buy another $2 million necklace for some hotel heiress. You don’t just have a miracle from God like that and then take all that money and throw it in the garbage pail.” (Miami New Times)

Check out Scott Storch’s interview below:

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