Scott Storch Makes $20,000 Move To Avoid Arrest

Scott Storch Makes $20,000 Move To Avoid Arrest

Renowned hip-hop producer Scott Storch dodged spending time behind bars by writing a pricey check to his baby’s mother over a child support dispute.

According to reports, Storch’s attorney said despite the check he still owes just over $8,000.

Scott Storch can walk the streets in Florida without fear of being picked up by the police — because a judge lifted the arrest order against him this week after he paid off a huge chunk of his child support debt. As TMZ first reported, Storch was behind on payments to the tune of $28,300 and when he failed to show up for a court date on the matter, a judge ordered the music producer to be arrested. But Storch’s lawyer tells TMZ Storch cut baby mama Vanessa Bellido a check for $20,000 and the judge lifted the order. Storch has six months to pay off the remaining $8,300. (TMZ)

Around mid-October, Storch’s lawyer promised he would handle the legal issue.

Scott Storch is ready to pay the piper. On Sunday, TMZ reported that a Florida court has ordered that the multiplatinum producer be arrested for failing to pay child support, but his attorney Guy Spiegelman assures MTV News that the debt will be cleared in a matter of days. “We intend to resolve this matter shortly — shortly meaning I anticipate this week,” he told us Monday (October 15). It has been reported that the producer — who crafted such hits as 50 Cent‘s “Candy Shop,” Chris Brown‘s “Run It!” and Terror Squad’s “Lean Back” — owes $28,300 to his child’s mother, and after he missed a court date, a judge issued an arrest order. The warrant is still out, but after Storch pays up, his attorney believes the warrant will be set aside. (MTV)

Reports of the active warrant surfaced online around October 14th.

Scott Storch is officially a wanted man — a Florida court has ordered the legendary hip-hop producer to be arrested immediately for failing to pay over $20,000 in child support and other bills … TMZ has learned. According to court docs, Storch has failed to cough up $28,300 to his baby mama as ordered by the court — then failed to appear in court to explain himself. Following the missed court date, a judge issued an arrest order, directing cops to nab Storch asap and bring him to court. (TMZ)

Back in February, Storch got busted on a drug-related crime.

Music producer Scott Storch was arrested earlier this month (February) for cocaine possession – and RumorFix has the mugshot. A spokesperson for the Las Vegas Police Department confirmed that Storch was arrested on Saturday, February 4, for possession of a controlled substance; that substance being cocaine. The rep adds, “Police encountered Storch in connection to a dispute call allegedly concerning his Cosmopolitan Hotel bill.” Storch, who has produced music for artists like Christina Aguilera, has since been released. No word on when he’s due in court to face the possession charge. (RumorFix)

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