Schoolboy Q Tells Kendrick Lamar To Watch Out: “He’s An Awesome Artist, But It’s My Turn”

Schoolboy Q Tells Kendrick Lamar To Watch Out: “He’s An Awesome Artist, But It’s My Turn”

Top Dawg Entertainment’s Schoolboy Q isn’t looking back now just a month away from his long-awaited Oxymoron album hitting store shelves and dished on his mainstream buzz.

According to Q, he has put two years of hard work into the upcoming studio release.

“I don’t like Kendrick,” Q joked when he appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday (January 22). “Nah, he’s an awesome artist, but it’s my turn, man.” Q says that he’s been working on Oxymoron for two years and “Break the Bank” is one of his earliest recordings from the album. “I haven’t dropped nothing since 2012, the top of 2012. A bunch of stuff. I still got songs on my album that I recorded in 2012, but the records are so great to me,” he said. “‘Break the Bank’ is a record that was recorded in 2012. That was old. That was right when Kendrick’s album dropped. It just so happened that he’s nominated for seven Grammys right now.” (MTV)

This week, Schoolboy teased fans with his new “Break the Bank” anthem.

Drenched in an edge reminiscent of the Mobb Deep era, “Break the Bank” showcases the Alchemist’s thick signature atmosphere. The outspoken Schoolboy Q kicks off the first verse of the drug-infused track with references to his Twitter beef with XXL Magazine. The production is haunting as Schoolboy raps about having money on his mind with a “Robin Hood” determination. He points to his Top Dawg Entertainment peer, Kendrick Lamar, as holding the hip-hop throne, but by the sound of this track Schoolboy isn’t far behind. (Hey Reverb)

Schoolboy’s boss, Top Dawg, sent a warning to fans and artists alike with a Twitter post last month.

“WE RAN 2013 WITH OUT DROPPING 1 ALBUM. I WONDER WUTS GONE HAPPEN IN 2014 WHEN I DROP 6.. THEY NOT READY 4 THIS #TDE #HiiiPoWeR TAKE OVER,” Tiffith tweeted December 22. (Anthony Tiffith’s Twitter)

Aside from “Break the Bank,” the rapper has unloaded a few new tracks since announcing a late February release date.

Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron has locked in a release date. Initially, Q was aiming for a January 2012 release, but has now confirmed through a short video that he’ll be dropping the project on February 25. Lead singles “Collard Greens” with Kendrick Lamar and “Banger (Moshpit)” have build significant buzz for the project. (XXL Mag)

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