Scarface Trashes Beanie Sigel Joint LP, Won’t Consider Geto Boys Reunion [Video]

Scarface Trashes Beanie Sigel Joint LP, Won’t Consider Geto Boys Reunion [Video]

Houston rapper Scarface recently killed any and all fans’ hopes of seeing a slated joint Beanie Sigel album hitting store shelves in the near future and blamed issues with the music industry for influencing his decision.

Face said the ever-changing ways of the industry have him too shook to put out handfuls of retail projects.

“In all honesty, man, I want to drop an album but, I don’t want it to get lost in the wash,” Face said in an interview. “You know what I’m saying? Hip-hop is bumper to bumper now. Everybody got a record company and everybody is putting out albums. You know what I mean? And then you look at hip-hop 25 years from now and hip-hop will be rewritten. It’ll be, it’s suburban white kids now. You know what I mean? Seriously. You don’t see it? Aight, well, save the music. [A Mac N Brad album?] That’s not gonna happen. Like I said, I want to release an album but I’m scared to death. Yeah. It may not be right now but it’s coming.” (FUSE)

He also vowed to not cop out to a Geto Boys reunion album but did admit one final tour could possibly go down.

“No sir,” Face added when asked about a possible reunion LP. “No sir. No, no. No, no, no. It won’t be none of that. No Geto Boys reunions, none of that. You know what? We might tour. Maybe. We may tour one more time. As far as Geto Boys albums? No sir. No sir.” (FUSE)

Last April, Scar talked about working alongside Beanie Sigel for the collective effort.

“Man, Beans is a f*cking class act, man,” Scarface said in an interview. “I ain’t heard nobody f*cking with him, man. He’s a f*cking genius, dude. We’re got a relationship outside of f*cking radio or whatever the f*ck is going on. That’s my partner, though. I can’t wait for this sh*t, man. Me and Beans is doing some easy sh*t right now. Separate solo acts, you know, but eventually we’re gonna double back and do that Mac N Brad sh*t, you know. I just wanted to break that news on XM, Shade 45, I f*cking with it.” (Shade 45)

Just last month, Sigel made headlines after receiving an additional two years to a jail sentence he is currently serving.

Rapper Beanie Sigel has been sentenced to six to 23 months after pleading guilty to a narcotics possession charge in suburban Philadelphia. The Delaware County Daily Times says Sigel, whose real name is Dwight Grant, entered the plea Wednesday in Delaware County to a misdemeanor count of illegal possession of Percocet. Sigel has been behind bars since he was arrested Aug. 29 in Tinicum Township. A co-defendant entered a plea to a firearms charge. Defense attorney Carson Morris called his client a successful entertainer who had made some mistakes, but said “he’s ready to go ahead and put that behind him and move on with is life.” Sigel is also facing a two-year federal tax evasion sentence, which Morris said he hoped would run concurrently. (The Republic)

Check out Scarface’s interview:

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