Scarface Says Smarten Up: “The Rap Sh*t’s Sounding Stupider & Stupider”

Scarface Says Smarten Up: “The Rap Sh*t’s Sounding Stupider & Stupider”

Houston rap veteran Scarface recently shared his take on the state of hip-hop and why the rap game has lost its essence over the years.

Despite the widespread diversity from California’s Odd Future to New York’s A$AP Rocky, Face Mob explained his firm stance on the music biz.

“I feel like our music was dumbed down,” Scarface said in an interview. “I feel like our generation is being dumbed down. And it starts with how we educate ourselves. At first, we knew what was going on in Compton by the music that we heard. We knew what was going on in Chicago by the music that we made. We knew what was going on in Houston by the music that was going on in Houston. Now, nobody don’t give a f*ck. Everything sounds alike; they say the same thing.” (XXL Mag)

The Geto Boys leader also noted how hip-hop had fallen behind other popular genres in intelligence.

“The rap sh*t [is] sounding stupider and stupider, and country music is sounding more brilliant, rock music is sounding more brilliant and alternative music is sounding way more brilliant,” he says. “Sh*t sound good as f*ck. Everybody [in hip-hop] wants to turn up now; even in R&B. Who stole the soul? The soul is gone. Twenty-five years ago it was called soul, 30 years ago it was called soul. Then they turned it into rhythm and blues, R&B. What is it now? Is R&B gone too?” (XXL Mag)

Recently, Face made similar comments about hip-hop being dumbed down.

“I be looking at sh*t like a conspiracy. That’s the way I feel about music,” Face said in an interview. “You know what I mean? I feel like the powers that be are intentionally dumbing down our craft, man. I feel like they dumbing us down because the dumbest sh*t I ever heard is on the radio right now. Number one. Whatever number one is.” (“Combat Jack Show”)

Last year, fellow rap veteran Nas suggested the level of authenticity and realness no longer existed in hip-hop.

“I saw it come from the corner with the guys with the radios and dudes break dancing on the streets everywhere,” Nas said when asked how hip-hop has changed. “Today, it’s kind of lost integrity, it’s lost its meaning, it’s lost its love, which is why I made [2006’s] Hip Hop Is Dead album. [What’s dead?] The realness.” (“Talk Stoop”)

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