Scarface Says Guess Who’s Back, Surprises In Houston [Video]

Scarface Says Guess Who’s Back, Surprises In Houston [Video]

Houston rap legend Scarface proved he is indeed a free man these days after a 10-month jail bid by resurfacing as an unexpected special guest at DMX’s Houston, Texas concert last night (August 31).

Details and footage of Face Mob’s set landed online Thursday.

Getting back into the swing of things, DMX performed at the House of Blues last night. During his set, X brought out Scarface and once again said Face was one of two rappers who he really respects (the other is Nas). He also revealed Face’s song “Will I Ever Be Born Again” helped him get through Aaliyah’s death, but I think X was really talking about “In My Time,” off Last of a Dying Breed. (Miss Info TV)

During Face’s set, he thanked fans for their support and promised new things to come from him.

The lights then went down and lighters were held aloft for “Slippin’ ” before DMX brought Scarface back out to help close out his 90-minute set with a prayer. Before offering up a simple message about God being masterful, Brad Jordan thanked the fans for holding him down while in jail and promised some kind of reunion with the Geto Boys. And with that, X performed his new prayer that will appear on his upcoming album, thanked the fans for their support and exited stage left. (XXL Mag)

Scarface was officially relesaed from jail in late August after serving time on child support charges.

After 10 months behind bars for failure to pay child support, Scarface was recently released from Harris County Jail in Texas and is now prepping an album for the end of the year, a rep for the Houston rapper confirmed to MTV News. It was also reported that the “I Seen a Man Die” MC was being held on unspecified federal charges, but MTV News has not been able to confirm that information. (MTV)

Reports of Scarface’s charges emerged online earlier this year.

The former Geto Boys leader has since been moved to Harris County Jail as of last week where he is being held for two active child support warrants totaling $123,372. He also faces two other child support charges as well as charges from the federalgovernment. According to police documents obtained by, bonds have been set on all four cases–one for $93,376, a second one for $50,000, another for $30,000 and the last one was set at $500. As of press time it is unclear how much longer Facemob is expected to spend behind bars, but a media relations rep for Harris County’s 7th precinct told XXL that he will be held until these women accusing him of not paying child support are compensated to some capacity. (XXL Mag)

Check out footage of the show down below:

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