Scarface On 2Pac Shooting: “I Could Have Saved That Boy” [Video]

Scarface On 2Pac Shooting: “I Could Have Saved That Boy” [Video]

Houston rapper Scarface recently reflected on his late friend Tupac Shakur‘s legacy and admitted he could have possibly saved his life from multiple shootings.

In Face’s opinion, his presence around Pac helped alleviate tensions and let onlookers know nothing would go down without him being involved.

“On my way back to Houston,” Face said when asked where he was when he learned Pac had been shot. “No, I’m lying, I was, uh, I was on a bus on my way back to Houston when I learned he got shot. Man, let me tell you something, man, when Pac got shot at the Quad Studios [in New York], I was right there in the DoubleTree [Hotel]. I know I would have been down there, you know what I’m saying? I would have been there. And it would have been a totally different scenario ’cause we were gonna die in that motherf*cker. You feel me? It’s like that. Like, ‘You not gonna f*ck with him, you not gonna f*ck with me.’ That sh*t probably wouldn’t have even happened. I think there’s a lot of sh*t that goes on that I say, ‘Man, I could have saved that boy if I was with him. I could have saved that headache.’ That’s with everybody. There’s a whole lot of sh*t people go through. I could save you from that sh*t. Mike Tyson was my homeboy back then, I could have saved him from that bullsh*t — I could have saved him from that bullsh*t.” (“The Combat Jack Show”)

Last year, Mobb Deep’s Prodigy said former music executive James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond had Pac shot back in the mid-1990’s.

Prodigy, who also feuded with ‘Pac and was on the front lines representing the East Coast during the feud, recently reacted to Rosemond’s confession. “People that are in the know, that know a lot of street people in New York, they knew that already,” P told XXL of Rosemond’s confession. I had a connection with ‘Pac. We had friends in common from Queens. They started tellin’ me the story about how ‘Pac knew that had nothin’ to do with Biggie. He was just tryin’ to create controversy to sell records. He knew how to create that controversy to make it bigger in the media and all that type of sh*t. Just seein’ it all come to surface now, it’s just like, ‘Wow.'” (XXL Mag)

Prior to Prodigy’s comments, an attorney for Henchman came forward to address reports which suggested he admitted to having Pac shot.

On Wednesday, Gerald Shargel spoke to MTV News in an effort to clear his client’s name. “The statement by the prosecutor that Jimmy Rosemond had confessed or admitted to being involved in the 1994 shooting of Tupac is totally false,” he said. “He categorically and emphatically denied that he had participation or role in that shooting and that was clear from the outset.” Shargel, who says he was present during the proffer sessions, believes that the prosecution misspoke in the court room. “Her statement was positively and absolutely false whether intentional, or not intentional. I think not intentional,” he said. “She was not the prosecutor who sat in on any of the proffer sessions with Mr. Rosemond.” (MTV)

Much like Scarface’s comments, retired NBA star Shaquille O’Neal said he could have saved late rapper Notorious B.I.G. from his 1997 fatal shooting.

Shaq recently talked with ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” about his friendship with the man born Christopher Wallace, which began when Shaq heard Biggie reference him and a song, and eventually included a collaboration on the song “Can’t Stop the Reign.” And he detailed how he made plans to go to Biggie’s party the night he was shot, but never made it…something he understandably still thinks about. According to Shaq, he simply fell asleep that night, only to wake up to a phone call informing him his friend was shot. Shaq later wondered in his autobiography if his presence could have made a difference, which Biggie’s cousin Lil Cease (who was present at the time of the shooting) believes it would have. (Sports Grid)

Check out Scarface’s interview:

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