Scarface Offended By VH1 Hip Hop Honors Dirty South, “They Trying To Make A N*gga Look Extra Country & Stupid”

Scarface Offended By VH1 Hip Hop Honors Dirty South, “They Trying To Make A N*gga Look Extra Country & Stupid”

Rap veteran Scarface has announced he will not participate in next month’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors Dirty South ceremony and said he is upset with the show’s promotion.

Writing via Twitter, Face Mob explained his problem with the term “Dirty South.”

“I regret to inform you that I will not be attending the dirty south hip hop honors that’s an insult to us DIRTY SOUTH huh????smh @vh1″

“As hard as we fought to be a part of general population they still wanna give a n*gga a label it’s hip hop f*ck where I come from

@DaunteWrites I was a nominee at 1st

@KatrinaME 100% sure it did but they tryin 2 make a n*gga look xtra country and stupid we can call it dirty

@jackolantern80 let the honorees be honored I jus feel insulted…but f*ck me who am I? @DJ_GREENLANTERN bruh we fought hard to get in now we just “dirty south” huh….”

Southern rap pioneer Tony Draper has also talked about his issues with VH1.

“It’s like I don’t know how VH1 is putting their information together, but you’re speaking on Southern music and you’re speaking on the culture of Southern hip-hop and you’re speaking on people that have influence–the Rick Rosses, the Jeezys, the T.I.s and Ludacris‘s and all those guys. Then it goes in this order: there’s Luke as the godfather, there’s J. Prince as well as the godfather, then it comes me, Tony Draper. I started Suave House at 16 years old. I put together one-stop distributors and made nationwide distribution at a time when that was unheard of. When I first came to New York in ’94, I did a distribution deal and kept ownership of all my masters. I was the first young Southern kid to own his masters as a teenager; nobody else was doing that. So when you speak on the culture of hip-hop, Southern hip-hop, then those guys they definitely looked up to big Luke, they definitely looked up to J. Prince, but they also looked up to Suave House… So when you mention Southern hip-hop and you don’t mention Tony Draper then your facts is wrong.” (XXL Mag)

Producer Lil Jon recently spoke with SOHH and confirmed his attendance for the ceremony.

“Of course, I’m definitely going to be involved,” Jon told SOHH. “You’ll see me there. I love Hip-Hop Honors it’s great to show tribute to the old school and to teach the younger generation about the culture that some of them don’t have any clue about. Luke is a good friend of mine too. We did some work together years ago and of course I grew up on 2 Live Crew. Maybe they’re going to come back and honor him separately. He was in a group and then he went on his own and did his thing as well. Maybe they should’ve just done it all at once. I don’t know. But thank god they’re just recognizing the south in general and a group like the 2 Live Crew that totally broke the mold for traditional music at the time.” (SOHH)

Last month, Uncle Luke threatened to not be a part of the ceremony.

“This year I’m supposed to be honored, but they only want to honor me as a member of the 2 Live Crew,” Luke Campbell said in an interview. “They want to honor Master P for his business savvy and they want to honor Jermaine Dupri for his business savvy and I’m kind of offended by that. We have basically been talking it out, but it’s just so sad that people just don’t know my history. They try to link me with a group and not see me as a businessman. Luke Records was the first independent black owned record company owned by a rapper. We were the first to distribute our own product. There’s just so many first…For an organization like VH1 to try to say I’m just the first person to go to the Supreme Court over music censorship and be a part of the 2 Live Crew…I told them the other day, ‘Just go f*ck yourself.’ We were even the first to have a street team…I don’t want to be a part of it unless you honor what I’ve done in a proper way. I’ve never asked anyone to do anything. But when you ask me to be a part of something, I’m not going to let you disrespect me.” (VIBE)

This year’s special will air on VH1 Monday, June 7th at 9 PM EST.

Check out a recent Scarface interview below:

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