Scarface Builds Comeback Album Hype, “I Got A Beautiful F*cking Theme That’s Never Been Done Before In Hip-Hop” [Audio]

Scarface Builds Comeback Album Hype, “I Got A Beautiful F*cking Theme That’s Never Been Done Before In Hip-Hop” [Audio]

Rap veteran Scarface has confirmed reports that a new album is in the works and promised a unique theme.

According to Face, he will make hip-hop history with the upcoming album.

“This mixtape that I’m doing, I got a chance to show the last of the Scarface,” he said in an interview with radio personality EI8HT. “Because this new situation that I’m in and this new record that I’m gonna release, my new studio album is gonna be a totally different me. I got a combination that I’m finna put together on this new album, not the mixtape, on my new album I have a totally different situation. I got a beautiful f*cking theme that’s never been done before in hip-hop…I am hip-hop dude, I was a part of hip-hop when it had no f*cking boundaries, it wasn’t no East Coast hip-hop, West Coast hip-hop…This next album, Under Oath, under my own situation, it’s gonna be a lot better than The Fix. It’s just something that I’m gonna do on this record that ain’t nobody ever done. And I don’t want to tell nobody and they gonna beat me to the punch, but I’m gonna f*ck the whole world with this.” (“Street Disciplez Radio”)

Last month, Face said he would be dropping his first mixtape, Dopeman Music.

“I’m a free agent,” he said in an interview. “I always wanted to drop a mixtape on my own. So I just said, ‘Let’s drop an independent mixtape.’ I feel that I should be as an adult andmusician and pioneer — that’s what they call me…I feel that I need to move on to another stage with the way I deliver mymusic to the public. I got a lot of sh*t and I’m using about three percent of what I know about music. I’m not using it all. I’m music. I can play that sh*t long enough for a real musician to catch it and feel me, where I’m going, and we make magic like that.” (MTV)

Rap veteran Devin the Dude recently talked with SOHH about Scarface’s place in hip-hop.

“He never left [rap], so he’s not coming back from nowhere man, he’s always been musically inclined and as long as there’s some musical buttons around or a guitar or a piano or anything. I believe that’s what he’s always gonna be doing because he’s very talented in those areas. He can play the bass, he can play the piano and he can rap and he knows choruses and melodies and everything. I don’t think he’s gonna quit anytime soon. I think the fans need him and the people need him to continue doing what he’s been doing and let him know how genuine he is to hip-hop and how he can help other people mold their careers around what he’s doing. I don’t think he’s gonna be going anywhere any time soon.” (SOHH)

Fellow Texas rapper Chamillionaire also hit up SOHH about Scarface making a comeback in hip-hop.

“I love it when people like that come back,” Cham told SOHH. “I’m not one of them guys that gets upset when they say they’re gonna retire and then come back. Even now I’m seeing stuff from like from Devin the Dude, I don’t know if it’s gonna be super mainstream, but I think stuff like that is needed to balance out the game.” (SOHH)

Check out Scarface’s interview down below:

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