Scarface Breaks His Own Geto Promise [Video]

Scarface Breaks His Own Geto Promise [Video]

A few weeks after revealing a disinterest in hooking back up with estranged rap crew Geto Boys, Houston hip-hop veteran Scarface said he can now see a reunion LP possibly coming together.

According to Face Mob, he would seriously consider a Geto Boys group effort if Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin played a significant role in its production.

“I got a lot of respect for Rick and what he did, what he’s doing. And what he means to hip-hop,” Scarface said in an interview. “I love his sh*t. I love Rick Rubin. Like I said, I love what he did for hip-hop. Rick Rubin was a part of the program, in the early parts of it. He had those rock and roll type beats, the Beastie Boys. He should really make another type of hip-hop – Beastie Boys-type record. You know what, if Rick Rubin would produce another Geto Boys album I’d do it. Yeah. If Rick Rubin produced a Geto Boys album, not a song, a f*cking album. I’d do it. Otherwise, I ain’t doing it.” (Hard Knock TV)

A few weeks ago, Face claimed he would not cop out to a Geto Boys LP but said a reunion tour could go down.

“No sir,” Face added when asked about a possible reunion LP. “No sir. No, no. No, no, no. It won’t be none of that. No Geto Boys reunions, none of that. You know what? We might tour. Maybe. We may tour one more time. As far as Geto Boys albums? No sir. No sir.” (FUSE)

Group member Willie D caught negative headlines back in 2010 after getting caught up in a phone scam.

“Somebody did me wrong, somebody stole my phones, and so I did the same thing to somebody else,” said the emcee who’s also known for his brief tenure in the 1990s as a professional boxer. “I didn’t necessarily steal their phones, I just didn’t ship them. I took the money and didn’t ship their orders. That’s what happened, and I felt justified in doing it, at the time. Of course, now, I realize I was wrong.” (Hip Hop DX)

The hip-hop crew are most known for making a significant run in the rap game dating back to the early 1990’s.

Though the controversial subject matter of gangsta rap wasn’t much of a barrier to popular success during the ’90s, the Geto Boys’ recordings proved almost too extreme for widespread exposure. Blocked from distributing their 1990 major-label debut by Geffen — who insisted that a track dealing with necrophilia as well as murder was a step too far — the group was saved by producer Rick Rubin, who arranged another distributor for the album, released on his own Def American label. The controversy, which occurred two years earlier than similar censorship incidents involving Ice-T and 2 Live Crew, gave the Geto Boys a large amount of publicity. Their follow-up, We Can’t Be Stopped, eventually hit platinum, though the trio of Scarface, Willie D., and Bushwick Bill began to fracture by 1993. After releasing solo albums during the mid-’90s, the Geto Boys reunited in 1996 for their most praised album yet, The Resurrection. (All Music)

Check out Scarface’s interview:

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