Saigon Releases “Underachiever,” Goes At Joe Budden W/Diss Record

Saigon Releases “Underachiever,” Goes At Joe Budden W/Diss Record

New York rapper Saigon has kept his word on preparing a diss record aimed at Joe Budden with the release of “Underachiever.”

The Brooklyn-bred emcee recently promised a response song for Budden’s “A Letter to Saigon” diss.

“I’m going to battle this n*gga just to show him that lyrically, he’s not in my league. Never been, never will be,” Saigon said. “I’m gonna bite his f*cking head off. He’s not gonna pop up with no more Mood Muziks, no more Padded Rooms, padded bras or whatever this n*gga does. He’s outta here, he’s finished.” (Loud)

Budden reacted by welcoming the rapper’s lyrical challenge.

“I wanna hear if he can rap — I don’t believe nothing that come outta dude’s mouth. Dude is a phony, a fraud,” he said. “This is good hip-hop sh*t. People think this Saigon guy is a formidable emcee, they hail him like he’s good, I would like to see. I haven’t heard from dude in a million years, actually his fans haven’t heard from him in a million years.” (Shade 45)

Saigon has since responded with “Underachiever.”

“I’m fittin’ to end his career/Oh yeah, you had a point there/My album didn’t drop/ But your album dropped and flopped, so suck a c**k/How the hell did I end up beefin’ with one hit wonder/I tried to bait Fif, attempted to bait Wayne/Now look, I end up tradin’ shots with a straight lame/The Game called you a fag, said n*gga’s ding-a-linged you/And in return you went and put this kid on your single.”

“He kissin’ the b*tch knowin’ Fab was nuttin’ in her mouth/Clue f*cked her on the couch in the lounge of the Baseline studio/This booty h*e made her his spouse… Forget about Ransom, come and see me/I’ll lay your ass out right on Joe Budden TV/They call this kid Mouse, ’cause he ran with the mice and the rats/ I was out with knifes and the gats.” (World Star Hip Hop)

He also used his MySpace page to send additional warnings to the New Jersey rapper.

“R.I.P Joe Budden Okay…. 2 can play at this game…… He likes to battle with raps.. I like to battle wit my hands…..He baited me into a battle and I accepted it and destroyed him …Now I baited him into a boxing match… Lets see if he accepts the challenge like I did…Wow it’s beautiful how the mind works….Oh, and he bought the kids into this….THIS is how U disrespect someone…..Part 2 coming soon featuring Gloria Velez, it’s called…. ‘I Wanna Make MO LOVE’…..hahaha Battle rapping is more fun than I thought…” (MySpace)

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