Saigon Releases Final Diss Record At Joe Budden, “I Ain’t Doing This Sh*t No More”

Saigon Releases Final Diss Record At Joe Budden, “I Ain’t Doing This Sh*t No More”

Aiming to place an end to their verbal jabs, Saigon has released “Pushing Buddens” offering a final diss record towards Joe Budden.

Addressing the disses in Budden’s “Pain in his Life,” Saigon answered back with the new track.

“I notice he thinkin’ he’s smart like he can dig me apart/How he the Brain when he’s Pinky at heart/Look, now the n*gga frontin’ like it’s something he’s used tah/Watch when it get hectic/He turn into Martin Luther — you made Just all this money/But you a dummy/Where is he on your new sh*t/Why he ain’t do sh*t/I got ten Just joints/super exclusives/Nobody’ll be in the mood for your music/How is he lyrical/This coward is pitiful/Talkin’ about he doin’ it big on Amalgam Digital.”

“If I’m the Weapon X, then Joey you’re Jubilee — that’s why this f*ggot is finished. Done. I ain’t doing this sh*t no more n*gga, you go ahead and make a million f*cking diss records. I’mma see you n*gga.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Saigon previously released his first diss record “Underachiever” at Budden.

“I’m fittin’ to end his career/Oh yeah, you had a point there/My album didn’t drop/ But your album dropped and flopped, so suck a c**k/How the hell did I end up beefin’ with one hit wonder.” (World Star Hip Hop)

The record prompted Joe to follow-up with the hard-hitting “Pain in his Life.”

“I hope this n*gga can fight better than he can diss — n*gga fell for the mouse trap,” Joey said in the intro. “‘Underachiever’ was an underachiever/Almost thought you would come with the ether — can’t think of why a wack n*gga would want it with me for/I’ll leave my mark on ya like it’s one of your features/Ask how it feel to have Maino face/I’m way ahead, this ain’t no race.”

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