Saigon Preps Comeback Album, “Even Though The First One Has Never Come Out”


After being released from Atlantic Records resulting in the loss of his official first album, Brooklyn rapper Saigon announced today the development of his newly structured, long-awaited debut, Thank God.

Speaking with fans via his MySpace blog, Sai explained his absence from the hip-hop scene as of lately and why the upcoming album will really be his sophomore effort since The Greatest Story Never Told never hit stores.

“Whats up y’all…Its the Almighty Yardfather checking in…I’m sorry I haven’t been on the scene lately, I’m busy working on my second album titled ‘Thank God’ even though the first one has never come out. Hahahaha…,” he wrote. “Gotta stay working homie.”

Aside from constant label issues including his first album continually being delayed from its scheduled 2005 release date, Saigon was also involved in scuffles with Mobb Deep‘s Prodigy and an online confrontation with Just Blaze throughout 2007. He has often kept fans in tune with his life through blogs, especially last year when he announced he was quitting hip-hop.

“F*ck this bum ass rap game anyway, its full of fake ass n*ggaz who pump poison to the kids, make a few dollars and act like they’re larger then life when they know their music is detrimental to their fucking communities,” he wrote in November 2007.

“If it ain’t about sex, it’s about drugs or violence, where are the songs about getting an education, or being responsible parents and sh*t, or stopping the gang violence…This sh*t is sickening………..SAIGON IS DEAD…Should I say I’ll slap a rapper so they run and put it in all their news sections and gossip columns..Okay I’ll slap the sh*t outta EVERY rapper how’s that….I QUIT.”

One month later Sai blogged that he was returning to the rap game.

As of press time there is no word on the label or release date for Thank God.

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