Saigon On Prodigy’s Jail Release, “As Long As He Plays His Position, I’m Gonna Play Mine” [Video]

Saigon On Prodigy’s Jail Release, “As Long As He Plays His Position, I’m Gonna Play Mine” [Video]

New York rapper Saigon has weighed in on Prodigy‘s pending jail release, and revealed his past problems with him are all but a distant memory.

Despite their publicized beef in 2007, Sai said he hopes that  P will return home safely and revitalize his rap career.

“I’m happy man,” Sai said when asked for his reaction to P’s release in March. “I don’t wish jail on my worst enemy. So ‘Free Prodigy’. I’m happy he coming home man. Hopefully you get it back, get your career back to where you need to be. Take care of your seeds…I don’t know where he stands. Some dudes got chips on their shoulders. What we had was a little quarrel. It happens, it happens. If he harboring animosity, so be it man. As long as he plays his position, I’m gonna play mine’s. It’s that simple. I got love for any black man trying to do their thing. I never did, like, [have] a personal dislike for Prodigy. I never did. I grew up listening to them all day. I used to love Mobb Deep music. I was influenced by Mobb Deep music at one point. When I was a shorty, I used to go crazy — I f*cked up a lot of people off their music. It was a good thing — this dude had influenced my life at one point. I don’t harbor animosity. What we got in to, it happens sometimes. Dudes fight and it is what it is. I wish that man the best. He got outta there in one piece. I wish him nothing but success.” (AHH Video)

Issues between the two surfaced around March 2007 over an interview.

To give some insight on the beef for those who may not be aware of it’s existance, it began a while back on an online interview with Prodigy when he was asked if he liked Saigon, where P replied, “I don’t like him….I only like Mobb Deep s**t. Everybody else could suck my d**k.” Not surprisingly, Saigon didn’t take those words too kind as Saigon later on responded saying that he’s had an altercation with Mobb Deep before and then threatened to beat Prodigy like a pinata if he was to ever catch him without an entourage just because of Prodigy saying suck my d**k alone. (Top Buzz)

According to Mobb Deep’s Havoc, P is scheduled to be released in early March.

Incarcerated Mobb Deep group member Prodigy will be a free man this March, when the rapper is released from prison, after serving a three-year sentence for gun possession. Mobb Deep’s Havoc dropped the date during an appearance on Statik Selektah‘s ‘Show Off Radio’ show on Shade 45 last night (January 20th). Prodigy’s official release date from the Mid-State Correctional Facility in New Jersey is March 7th. Prodigy was one of the first high-profile celebrities to be sentenced to a stiff jail sentence under New York’s gun laws. (All Hip Hop)

Last September, Mobb Deep affiliate/producer Alchemist said P would return home next month.

“P comes home in February. It’s gonna be a very busy time. It’s amazing. He feels like he’s home already. He’s in the best health he’s been in. He’s really excited. I’ve been sending him beats. Havoc is sending him beats. I e-mail them to his wife, and she puts it on some type of cassette. It’s like he’s in the studio, he’s just not recording.” (MTV)

Check out Saigon’s interview below:

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