Saigon Lists His Top 3 Favorite Producers [Video]

Saigon Lists His Top 3 Favorite Producers [Video]

New York rapper Saigon has named his top three favorite producers of all-time and gave to being unable to cut a tie-slot between Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA and Just Blaze.

According to the “Yard Father,” Dr. Dre is the greatest producer of all-time.

“Of all-time, I’d definitely put [Just Blaze] in Top 5,” Sai revealed in an interview. “Of all-time, I’d say he’s like four. The only people I would put in front of Just Blaze, of all-time, is [first] Dr. Dre, I would put Timbaland, I would put — Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Just might be [number] three, man. I can’t think of nobody because when you look at his discography, you go, ‘Wow.’ He don’t get the due he get. [Dre], Timbaland, yeah, as far as hip-hop producers. Probably him and RZA would have the tie for number three.” (Hard Knock TV)

Last November, Sai ranked Just Blaze’s production skills over Grammy-winning hitmaker Kanye West.

“I’m not even being biased–100 percent honest–I would have to say Just Blaze is a better producer than Kanye West. Just is more versatile. Kanye West shines when he does those soulful-type music — “You Don’t Know My Name,” “All Falls Down.” But I think Just Blaze masters that. He can do that, then he can do a song like “PSA,” “Can’t Let You Go” by Fabolous, and it sounds totally different. He’s doing real pop-eclectic stuff [now] and it sounds incredible. They’re both super-great, but the only producer I’d compare to Just is Timbaland. That’s the only producer with that versatility.” (VIBE)

Following the co-sign, SOHH talked to Just Blaze to get his reaction to the accolade.

“I don’t really have too much of a comment on that,” Blaze modestly told SOHH about Sai’s co-sign. “I appreciate it and like I said online the other night, I’m not really into the ratings and comparisons. We all make good music and if I’m anybody’s favorite, I’m just honored to be their favorite. Beyond that, we’ve all got different things and we all do them well, so, I’m just happy and honored to be considered among other great names of those who I consider to be great.” (SOHH)

In December 2010, Sai hit up SOHH to speak on a revised Greatest Story Ever Told tracklist off his upcoming long-awaited album.

“There’s an updated tracklisting that’s about to go out,” Sai promised SOHH in an interview last week. “Like, Bun B‘s on it, Black Thought‘s on it, [Jay-Z‘s] still on it but we had to go through our rounds and see what’s up. We’re really on some last minute grind sh*t. Black Thought. Jay-Z. Bun B. Layzie Bone. I look at the tracklisting now though and this is the best album ever. We got 18 records on it. It’s the best sh*t ever.” (SOHH)

Check out Saigon’s interview below:

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