Saigon Honored By Chet Haze’s Underrated Title, “Get Me In One Of Those Big Movies”

Saigon Honored By Chet Haze’s Underrated Title, “Get Me In One Of Those Big Movies”

After Hollywood actor Tom Hanks‘ son Chet Haze awarded Saigon with the title of SOHH Underrated this week, the “Yard Father” gave SOHH his reaction to the accolade. 

Flattered by the co-sign, Sai also said he was impressed by Haze’s own burgeoning rap career.

“Yeah, I was honored by that…..,” Sai told SOHH via statement. “I think he’s pretty good.. He should play [my new Greatest Story Never Told] album for his Pops, maybe get me in one of those big movies..” (SOHH)

Haze credited Sai’s ability to stay true to himself as motivation for naming him SOHH Underrated.

“I think Saigon is really underrated. I think when it comes to lyrics, he’s one of the most talented cats in the game. Just listen to what he says in his music. He really keeps it real and he’s just straight up hip-hop. He’s so real with his music. He’s sort of got that old school vibe to him. He’s not the type of dude to change who he is to become mainstream and successful. That’s why I respect him so much as an artist. The first time I noticed him was from [HBO television series] Entourage. After I saw [him], I started delving into his music. He’s just amazing. I know he put out mixtapes. But I also don’t think that he’s going to be very underrated for long because I think he’s really about to be blowing up crazy.” (SOHH Underrated)

Earlier this week, Sai talked about the top reasons why fans should support his long-awaited debut album.

“Another reason is because it’s social commentary. It’s something that’s good for our children. It’s something that you could play around your grandmother and something you could play around a five-year-old or six-year-old [and won’t] have to cover his hears. There’s social commentary and there’s a lot of stuff people can take from and apply it to their life. They can apply it to their real life. It ain’t a mirage about success, money and stripping. It’s food for thought.” (Buy My Record)

Outside of music, Sai also spoke to SOHH about the “Pretty Girl” he’d loved to rock with this past Valentine’s Day.

“If I could choose any lady in the world for Valentine’s Day, it would be Keri Hilson,” Sai revealed. “Tell her I said that. [laughs] Tell her I love her. I love Keri Hilson. [Women like her] always say they like bad boys until they call and ask them for bail money. [laughs] Where would I take her for our date? Hmmm. Where would I take Keri Hilson on Valentine’s Day? I’d take her to the pad, man. We’re going to the crib just in case I don’t get this opportunity again. So I would try to seal the deal. One night, one shot, one kill. Tell her she’s on my mind all the time.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Saigon footage below:

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