Sadat X Accepts Black Rob’s SOHH Underrated Title

Sadat X Accepts Black Rob’s SOHH Underrated Title

After former Bad Boy Records rapper Black Rob previously crowned Sadat X one of the most underrated hip-hop artists of all time, SOHH reached out to the rap veteran to find out his take on the accolade.

Honored by the SOHH Underrated nod, Sadat revealed how he knew Rob was destined to blow before his Bad Boy fame.

“That’s a great thing from Rob and being that because a lot of people don’t know when I was up in New Rochelle, there was a studio up there and Black Rob used to come all the way from Harlem up to New Rochelle and I would see him thinking, ‘D*mn, son comes all the way up here from Harlem for the studio.’ That’s when I recognized his passion and I was like, ‘Yo, he’s going to do something.’ I remember seeing him come up and being very proud of him. There were a couple times when he slipped up, as we all do, and I told him, ‘Rob, get it together man, we love you. We want you to do what you do.’ Everybody is entitled to a fall, it’s just how you get up. I’m glad that he said that and I’m glad that I’m able to witness his career as it’s gone on.” (SOHH)

Rob previously told SOHH Sadat’s flow and delivery influenced his pick for the most underrated hip-hop artist.

Rakim and Grand Puba are good. But Sadat X? I’ve always loved him. That n*gga is nasty to me. It’s his delivery. If you were at his concert a couple nights ago my n*gga [you would understand] … yo that kid right there, the way he sounds live is just like how he sounds on the record, man. His creativity has always been a factor. It’s on a level that can compete with anyone that’s out there rapping right now. It’s ya man. Just like in my career. It’s still shinin’ through. [He’s] like the [infamous Russian prophet] Rasputin– the n*gga that gets down and always gets right back up. There’s my pick, my n*gga.” (SOHH Underrated)

Rocksmith Clothing co-founder Erik Marino also previously gave X the SOHH Underrated crown.

“Obviously he got burn in Brand Nubian. When he was with Brand Nubian, he had his shine. But as a solo artist, I just feel like he never [got that same shine]. He came out with the sound bombings and the rock ‘ish era stuff but he never really got the respect he deserved as a solo artist. I feel like he has one of the most unique voices in hip-hop. It’s so important. Not to mention the lyricism, but a lot of times you have to kind of listen to the voice. Your voice as a rap artist is your instrument. You might like a particular emcee’s voice, obviously because you’re going to be listening to it for a whole album. I know a lot of very talented emcees but they just don’t have really good voices. Sadat X is just very unique and stood out.” (SOHH Underrated)

Recently, the New York native spoke to SOHH about rap icons hitting their 40’s.

“A lot of us who came up back then are now in our 40’s; A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Public Enemy, KRS-One. We came up in that golden era and we’re still here, being that we’re in our 40’s, we’re still able to do it. I feel if you can still do it in your 40’s and your rhymes are still consistent, I feel you should do it. I don’t feel anybody should be held up “just because.” If it’s “just because” then you’re supposed to give it up and go out gracefully. If you still think you’ve got that passion, then you’ve got to do that passion and be in it to win it. You’ve got to keep making good music and there’s a lot of us still putting out good music.” (SOHH Guest Star)

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