RZA Fights Back In Hefty Money-Jacking Case

RZA Fights Back In Hefty Money-Jacking Case

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA is reportedly willing to fight a legal matter in court after being sued a few months ago by a Dutch singer who claimed she was short-changed by him.

According to reports, Bobby Digital claims he never agreed to pay out royalties or additional payments after using singer Thea Van Seijen on his records.

RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan says the hot Dutch singer who’s suing him greatly over exaggerated her role in HIS hit songs, and is adamant he doesn’t owe her a dime. RZA is firing back at Thea Van Seijen — who filed a suit claiming she co-wrote and sang on 14 songs with RZA (including the hit “Baby Boy”) but only received a fraction of what she’s owed. In docs RZA admits he worked with TVS on a slew of tracks, but says she was merely work-for-hire (for which she got paid) and NOT a co-author on the songs. Not only that, he says he NEVER promised royalties or additional payments — and she’s lying if she says otherwise. (TMZ)

Details of the potentially hefty and pricey suit surfaced online back in December.

RZA should be riding high following the release of his feature film debut, The Man with the Iron Fists, but instead, the Wu-Tang hero is spending the holiday season contending with a lawsuit from a former musical collaborator. The suit comes from Dutch singer Thea Van Seijen, who RZA recruited to perform on his 2005 song “Baby Boy,” plus his 2007 soundtrack from Afro Samurai. According to TMZ, she’s suing RZA over unpaid royalties for 14 tracks the pair worked on over the years. The singer, who is sometimes credited simply as Thea, reportedly claims she’s only been given a fraction of what she’s owed for the songs. (Exclaim)

The Wu member’s publicist issued a statement after the news went public.

“RZA and his entire family have done nothing but help Thea Van Seijen over the years. He even welcomed her into his home and gave her all the resources and money she needed to start a career in music (and eat!). She was a streetwalker in Sweden brought to his attention by a family member many years ago who literally pulled her off the street and encouraged her talent as a singer. I met her back then. She was eager and just trying to sing. RZA helped her by collaborating with her and put her on a handful of tracks as a ‘work for hire’. Very common in the music industry. This is the second time she has tried to knock RZA down for money she isn’t owed. She is a fish out of water. She has no idea what she is doing and thinks she can build a case for herself in the media and have it hold up in court. Meanwhile, she is dragging RZA’s name through the mud conveniently positioned during a time when RZA’s film career is blossoming.” (Pitchfork)

Outside of legal woes, RZA has kept busy in Hollywood with the recent release of his Man With The Iron Fists flick.

Universal’s new kung fu pic The Man With the Iron Fists opened to $8.2 million from 1,868 theaters to come in No. 4. The pic, which cost just $15 million to produce, marks the directorial debut of RZA and earned a C+ CinemaScore. Quentin Tarantino presented. (Hollywood Reporter)

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