Ryan Leslie Will Take “Les Is More” From The Top

Ryan Leslie Will Take “Les Is More” From The Top

R&B singer Ryan Leslie has announced that he will have to re-start the creation of his Les is More album which he began crafting in the first quarter of 2010.

Via Twitter, Leslie said he was still upbeat about the project despite having to start the project from scratch.

“You can vicariously live the rock star life 5mins at a time for each song on ‘Les Is More’. Have to start over but it will be spellbinding!!,” he tweeted October 29th. (Ryan Leslie’s Twitter)

Last week, an official statement was made about the loss of Leslie’s laptop while in Germany, which contained many of the would-be tracks for his upcoming album.

“Good afternoon, this is an announcement offering an award for $20,000 for the recovery of a black bag we believe was stolen last night, October 23rd, from outside of this club. If anybody has seen anything or heard anything, please contact us at [email protected] We are offering a $20,000 reward for the return of this bag.” (Roka Productions)

Leslie also addressed the incident and stressed his appreciation for Germany.

“Yo, what’s up everybody, it’s your boy Ryan Leslie so I’m outside Loom nightclub last night,” Leslie said in the video. “Something very personal, something very special to me was taken. I’m offering an award of $20,000 but that reward is really not even close to the value of everything we lost. I come to Germany, I’ve been coming to Germany for like, six years, I do it because I love the people here. I love the time I have here.” (Roka Productions)

At the start of 2010, Leslie announced beginning work on his album.

“In 2010, I’m also going to be doing a new album and it’s going to be called Les Is More,” Leslie said in a January 2010 interview. “L-e-s, like Leslie. Les Is More, be on the look-out for that. That’s gonna be really good.” (All That’s Fab)

Check out Ryan Leslie speaking on his stolen laptop down below:

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