Ryan Leslie Ups Ante To $1 Mil For Stolen Laptop

Ryan Leslie Ups Ante To $1 Mil For Stolen Laptop

R&B singer Ryan Leslie has decided to provide a higher reward in order to retrieve his stolen laptop by increasing the prize from $20,000 to $1 million.

Revealing that the computer has not yet been returned, Leslie increased its value over the weekend.

Harlem-based hip-hop artist Ryan Leslie is desperate to get his stolen laptop back – so he’s offering a $1 million reward for it. Leslie was touring in Cologne, Germany, when his laptop was stolen from inside a black Mercedes on Oct. 23. The “Diamond Girl” singer was initially offering $20,000 for the return of his laptop and hard drive, which contains his music. But Saturday, he tweeted and released a YouTube video announcing the $1 million reward. He’s also vowed to continue his European tour, which includes upcoming stops in France, Belgium, Holland and London. (New York Daily News)

Leslie utilized his Twitter account to informed all 210,000 of his followers about the new reward.

“I’m absolutely continuing my Euro tour + I raised the reward for my intellectual property to $1MM. Click to watch:http://on.fb.me/bCBnrM,” he tweeted over the weekend. (Ryan Leslie’s Twitter)

Last month, an official statement was made about the loss of Leslie’s laptop while in Germany, which contained many of the would-be tracks for his upcoming album, Les Is More.

“Good afternoon, this is an announcement offering an award for $20,000 for the recovery of a black bag we believe was stolen last night, October 23rd, from outside of this club. If anybody has seen anything or heard anything, please contact us at [email protected] We are offering a $20,000 reward for the return of this bag.” (Roka Productions)

Leslie also addressed the incident and stressed his appreciation for Germany.

“Yo, what’s up everybody, it’s your boy Ryan Leslie so I’m outside Loom nightclub last night,” Leslie said in the video. “Something very personal, something very special to me was taken. I’m offering an award of $20,000 but that reward is really not even close to the value of everything we lost. I come to Germany, I’ve been coming to Germany for like, six years, I do it because I love the people here. I love the time I have here.” (Roka Productions)

Check out the laptop return reward offering below:

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