Ryan Leslie, Gorilla Zoe & More Reveal Their Mother’s Day Plans

Ryan Leslie, Gorilla Zoe & More Reveal Their Mother’s Day Plans

As Mother’s Day approaches, Teairra Mari, Ryan Leslie, DJ Drama and Gorilla Zoe reveal to SOHH how they plan to spend the holiday.

Former Roc-a-fella artist Teairra Mari told SOHH that she plans to head to her hometown for the holiday.

“Oh Mother’s Day means everything to me. I plan to go back to Detroit and do a breakfast, a lunch/dinner type of thing. Go out for breakfast. Go out for lunch and then we’ll cook dinner at the house. All my cousins and everybody was planning to do that for the grandmas and the moms.” (SOHH)

Ryan Leslie agrees that simple celebrations are the way to a mother’s heart.

“My mother is an amazing woman. She doesn’t rank the impact or the value of the gift. As long as I remember to let her know that I appreciate everything that she’s done in whatever way it is. If it’s even as simple as a phone call, a great conversation a dinner more things of a personal nature than of a material nature. She’s always very appreciative.” (SOHH)

DJ Drama has a special Mother’s Day gift for his Mom.

“[I’ll] probably fly my Mom down to Atlanta and do something special for her. I just got a new crib and she has a very wonderful lavish room in there. It will be her first time seeing it so I’ll bring her to the A.” (SOHH)

Bad Boy rapper Gorilla Zoe told SOHH that he has a special place in his heart for all mothers.

“[I plan to] spend some time with my Mom, send my baby momma a gift,” he said. “Mother’s Day is very important because mothers are the most important people on the planet. If [you’re] a mother and you see me, Happy Mother’s Day. Ya’ll are very important Ya’ll are the very reason dudes like me aint in dead, aint in jail. Some of us made the wrong decisions and we in there and ya’ll give us hope to keep on keeping on even when we locked up or even when we down so mothers are very important.” (SOHH)

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