Ruff Ryders’ Eve Searching For Love, “I Need Somebody In My Life”

Ruff Ryders’ Eve Searching For Love, “I Need Somebody In My Life”

Ruff RydersEve recently opened up about her personal life and revealed that she is currently looking for romance.

Speaking in a Sister 2 Sister interview, Eve said she is no longer dating ex-boyfriend Teodorin Obiang and recently parted ways with a man from Ghana.

“I was going to Ghana for a while just because that’s where he is from. He’s an amazing man. We keep in touch every so often. He was a great guy, but I knew it wasn’t right. We definitely didn’t have the same things going on in our heads, as far as what it is we wanted as a life. He pretty much was down to do whatever I wanted to do and I don’t need that, you know? I need somebody in my life that’s going to challenge me. Like, I definitely want to be priority, but I don’t want a sap.” (All Hip Hop)

Earlier this year, Eve was named as a suspect in a money laundering scheme allegedly involving her ex-boyfriend Obiang.

Senate investigators spent three years tracking money flowing into the U.S. from the accounts of her on-and-off again boyfriendTeodorin Nguema Obiang. He is the playboy son of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea, the corrupt dictator whose three-decade reign has been marked by rumors — believed to be falsely spread to incite fear — of cannibalism. Investigators believe most, if not all, of the millions in cash came from corruption related to the massive oil and gas reserves off the coast of the tiny West African country. (ABC News)

Following the reports, Eve resorted to Twitter to deny the accusations.

“Non of that is true,” she wrote Thursday (February 4) afternoon. “Please don’t believe everything you read on the internet. it’s negative and I don’t f*ck wit negativity. People trynna Test me. Now listening 2 Sizzla “praise ye Jah” and “head over hills” RT @MusicPrincess96: @TheRealEve True.I dont believe in these negative thinngs.They just rumours. Thanku!!! Thank ya’ll 4 the support!!!!! Life is crazy 4 everyone and we all get tested. My friend suzette just said 2 me she tells people u hate on.” (Eve’s Twitter)

Aside from working on a new album, Eve recently signed a deal with Creative Artists Agency to help guide her career.

Multihyphenate Eve has signed with CAA in all areas. On TV, Eve most recently guest-starred in several episodes of “Glee,” and she has appeared on “Third Watch” and “Numbers.” Her self-titled UPN sitcom ran from 2003-06. Eve’s long-delayed fourth album is due this year, and she also is relaunching her fashion line, Fetish, with People’s Liberation founder Danny Guez. The rapper-actress is additionally repped by Jon Shank at Azoff, Geary, Paul Management and attorney Aaron Rosenberg at MAFG. Eve moved from CAA to William Morris in 2002 and recently left WME. (Hollywood Reporter)

Check out Eve’s “Tambourine” music video down below:

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