Royce Da D’9 Gives Shady Records Update, “Just Because The Paperwork Ain’t Done Don’t Mean We Ain’t Working”

Royce Da D’9 Gives Shady Records Update, “Just Because The Paperwork Ain’t Done Don’t Mean We Ain’t Working”

Slaughterhouse‘s Royce Da 5’9 recently updated fans on the status of his four-member crew’s deal with Eminem‘s Shady Records.

Although Royce claimed they are not yet officially on the roster, he did promise that work on a sophomore Slaughterhouse project has begun.

“Em gave me all types of tracks. Dre beats,” Royce said. “Just because the paperwork ain’t done don’t mean we ain’t been working. We definitely been throwing ideas around. [Em] stressed he wants to have a lot of involvement in the project. We want him to be as involved as he wants to be. Anytime he runs an idea by me, I respect him so much, I’m down with it. If he gives me a beat, like, ‘Yo, y’all would sound ill on this,’ I’m going to record it. That’s pretty much what we been doing. He hasn’t did no beats and gave me nothing yet, but he has given me a lot of beats from other producers.” (MTV)

Last month, Em talked about burying his past beef with Royce and preparing to have Slaughterhouse join Shady.

“I’m probably gonna go through this album cycle with everything that I got to do with this and then when I get back home, probably jump back in the studio with [D12] and do some things with Slaughterhouse and just keep making music,” Em said in an interview. “[Me and Royce back together,] that sh*t is cool. It’s very cool, it’s good that we were able to work things out and just talk it out. I think after we lost Proof we realized how stupid this beef sh*t is. It was a serious wake-up call, man, and realizing that life’s short. It feels good to be back in touch with the homie. When I rhyme with Royce, I always gotta step it up because Royce is f*cking ill. He’s one of the illest lyricists to me, out, period.” (“The All Out Show”)

In May, Royce opened up about clocking in studio time with Slim Shady.

Royce detailed the experience recording for XXL. “That day was like a regular Slaughterhouse day on steroids,” he said. “We came in there. Just Blaze was sitting there. The beat is up. The beat is retarded. Em’s vocals were already laid. His verse is ridiculous, so you could imagine the kind of pressure that we was feeling…Just being back in the same room with him…when there’s no type of issues. that’s what I always focus on more. Just the actual friendship. I’m glad we back how we was…I was around when he was mixing [Recovery] a lot. Just being there. Not having to put in no creative input, just being in there like a fly on the wall, just soaking up game. That’s what I value more than anything.” (XXL Mag)

In addition to Slaughterhouse, Em is heavily focused on rebuilding his label.

“I think he’s really focused on the creative side. He’s never been someone who’s set out to have a bunch of different companies out there, sort of playing the system. He’s just not that kind of guy.” The one project Eminem and manager Paul Rosenberg are focused on is the rebuilding of their label, Shady Records. “What we mean by that is finding great new artists,” Rosenberg says. “That’s one of the things he is passionate about.” Eminem has cited underground all-star group Slaughterhouse as his first planned signing, and he says more artists are on the table but not ready to be announced. (Billboard)

Check out Eminem speaking on Royce Da 5’9 below:

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