Royce Da 5’9 On Slaughterhouse Disputes, “We Take Votes, We Do Everything Fair”

Royce Da 5’9 On Slaughterhouse Disputes, “We Take Votes, We Do Everything Fair”

Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 recently talked about his how his crew avoids getting into full-fledged arguments and maintain cool heads when it comes to making crucial decisions.

Royce said his quartet group take votes when it comes down to drawing up plans for the crew.

“Never that,” Royce said when asked about arguments. “The last discussion we had where people didn’t agree — it wasn’t an argument, but it was just us talking — was where we were going to record at because the last two times was in Detroit. I never want to make them feel like they have to come to Detroit just because me and Marshall [Eminem] are there. So I’m always willing to compromise in that way. Crooked wanted to go and take advantage of having Marshall in our corner. Joey wanted a change of environment — he wants to go to Atlanta. Joell was just in the middle. That’s what happens when you have four different people. We just got on the phone and it ended up being Atlanta. We take votes, we do everything fair.” (RapFix)

With disagreements out the door, Joell Ortiz recently provided an update on their upcoming Shady Records debut.

“Usually I’m the one that’s like, ‘We’re just working hard and in the studio,’ — I’m just saying, the things we’re doing are epic. Our album is going to be incredible,” Ortiz said in an interview. “I’m so excited, like real talk, it doesn’t even make sense. I don’t really care who you’re talking about. Slaughterhouse is going to be that sh*t.” (“Shade 45″)

A few days ago, producer Alchemist also spoke on the quartet’s upcoming album.

“It’s pretty crazy, man. They have some amazing records. Yeah, the album’s stupid,” Al said in an interview. “I’m making my little contributions where I can. The ball goes out of bounds, I keep it in, throw a little dirt on the ball. Nothing too fancy, Alchemist, keeping it tradition. Slaughterhouse album, four incredible emcees, Shady Records. Put it together, man, what do you think you’re going to get? Ka-boom.” (Montreality)

In March, Royce hinted at Eminem’s possible involvement on the group project.

“I think he’ll be the executive producer [of our Shady Records debut]. He’s very good at taking a record to a whole different level after we do what we do with it. He’s good at choosing beats, maybe a verse here, a hook there — anywhere he can help, he’s willing to do it. And he doesn’t want us to do a lot of e-mailing (of tracks). We’ve had a lot of problems with hacks and leaks. So he wants us to be in one central location for the recording.” (Detroit Free Press)

Check out Alchemist talking about the upcoming Slaughterhouse LP below:

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