Royce Da 5’9 & Joell Ortiz Promise Lyrical Slaughter, “Be Afraid”

Royce Da 5’9 & Joell Ortiz Promise Lyrical Slaughter, “Be Afraid”

Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 and Joell Ortiz warn of the impact their four-member crew will have on Shady Records and promise a return to lyricism in the new issue of XXL Magazine.

Crediting a few late lyrical emcees like Notorious B.I.G. and Big Pun, Ortiz feels Shady Records will only grow stronger as a brand with the addition of Slaughterhouse and newly signed rapper Yelawolf.

“It just feels good to put lyricism in the forefront again, in my eyes,” Ortiz explains within the feature. “Some of my heroes, when I came up rhymin’, were Biggie Smalls, Big L–rest in peace to all these–Big Pun. Dudes who were passionate about the way they put words together, the message they sent when they rhymed, and just bein’ ill with the pen. And I feel like this group, and Yelawolf and [Eminem], are dudes who stand for that. And it’s good to see the pure form gettin’ shine again.” (XXL Mag)

Royce also sent out a warning to all non-Shady Records emcees.

“‘Be afraid,'” Royce warns other rap crews, “cause as soon as we make the announcement that Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf is signed to Shady, not even 30 days after that, it’s on the cover of the biggest hip-hop magazine.” (XXL Mag)

Prior to signing with Shady, Ortiz spoke on the importance of real lyricism and his respect toward Eminem.

“We’re right now in talks with Shady Records and we are going back and forth with some legal stuff,” Joell explained in a video. “Yes, we will be signing to Shady. Is it finalized now? No it’s not but it is in the workings. Eminem is excited, the group is excited so you can really expect a Slaughterhouse release with Shady Records. I’m excited about that because shoot, being a dude that came up listening to real lyricism, real emcees, Mr. Marshall Mathers is one of the top notch there. You understand? And for him to show interest in myself and my group, it’s just a beautiful thing and a blessing. I’m looking forward to that just as much as you — the answer to your question, ‘Are we going to sign to Shady,’ is yes we are and it’s in the workings right now so be on the look-out.” (Hip Hop Nation)

Last summer, SOHH talked to D12’s Bizarre about the possibility of being on the same label as Slaughterhouse.

“It’s all good man,” Biz told SOHH about Slaughterhouse joining the roster. “Royce [Da 5’9] is family man and we’ve been down for a while. Actually, we just did a tour with him and Joe Budden out in Canada last year before Slaughterhouse was even moving like that. It’s all good. We know them cats and it’d be a good addition to the camp man. Everybody over at Shady is lyrical, so, what else could you expect. We got the best over here.” (SOHH)

The new XXL Magazine drops February 8th.

Check out some recent Royce Da 5’9 footage down below:

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