Royce Da 5’9 Denies Dissing Drake W/ “Over” Freestyle [Audio]

Royce Da 5’9 Denies Dissing Drake W/ “Over” Freestyle [Audio]

Slaughterhouse‘s Royce Da 5’9 has denied dissing Drake after making questionable reference to the young rapper at the end of his new “Over” freestyle.

Writing via Twitter, the emcee said he was not going at Drizzy on the record.

“IAMYOUNGFAMOUS IF I SEE ONE-MORE-TWEET ABOUT @RoyceDaFive9 KILLIN THAT DRAKE BEAT!! I SWEAR IMA SMACK A #Twaggot!! ((HE DID SMASH IT THO: LOL)) #POW!! BDSosa @RoyceDaFive9 please tell the world you did not diss drake on your over freestyle..some are getting confused..p.s that sh*t was CRAZY! I wouldn’t diss Drake..,” he wrote Saturday (March 6) night. “U lil fruits RT @KoolK3ith: @RoyceDaFive9 you scared youll get bodied by drake? =)<– uh huh Im not dissing Drake!!!!! U lilFruits!!” (Royce Da 5’9’s Twitter)

Toward the end of his freestyle, Royce stirs speculation after a “fruit” reference.

“Nobody’s harder, he don’t give a f*ck what he slaughters, bag your sl*tty daughter, throw her in muddy waters, this beat is bank, get it out of me, I can sh*t it out of me, it’s ate, I think I owe Drake an apology,” Royce raps at the end of the freestyle. “Tweet about that you little f*cking fruit.” (Royce Da 5’9’s Twitter)

Royce dissed Canibus and Benzino on a track called “No Coming Back From That” last December.

“Now b*tches want my attention like the Canibus diss,” Royce raps. “You ain’t got no mechanical handle, quit handling d*ck/We liked you before the army, now we ain’t a fan of your sh*t/You know my Mac pop, Detroit is my backdrop/Shut your a** up and go have some sex with your laptop…Benzino, the hardest n*gga, you don’t know him for hammers/You know him for talking sh*t with N.O.R.E. behind the cameras/I blam at ya and damage ya.” (“Back From That”)

He later recorded a video promising Benzino his camp did not have a beef with him.

“Yo Benzino,” Royce says in a self recorded video. “We ain’t got no beef with you because you ain’t never did nothing to me. You ain’t never came close to putting no hands on me, I ain’t even seen you in person so I ain’t got no reason to wanna kill you. So all that pulling guns out and acting like a motherf*cking ‘Rambo’ and sh*t, if I see you, you better be the same n*gga in the video and when I see you, we gonna talk and let’s talk. I ain’t saying I got no beef but I wanna know what your motherf*cking problem is.” (Hip Hop News 24/7)

Check out Royce Da 5’9’s “Over” freestyle below:

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