Royce Da 5’9 Credits D12 For Crushing Shady Beef, “They Were Really Instrumental In Bringing Us Back Together”

Royce Da 5’9 Credits D12 For Crushing Shady Beef, “They Were Really Instrumental In Bringing Us Back Together”

Slaughterhouse’s Royce Da 5’9 recently reflected on what ultimately ended his mid-2000’s beef with Eminem and why they have been on good terms ever since.

Royce credits Em’s rap crew, D12, for aiding their reunion, despite past diss records aimed at each other.

“It kind of sorted itself out. A lot [of] things transpire, time heals everything. It wasn’t anything that he did to me or anything, or anything that I did to him — We just kind of grew apart at that moment. There was a lot going on, a lot of money got thrown into the middle, a lot of other people involved,” Royce explained in an interview. “I think once we lost Proof (the rapper was killed in 2006), the D12 guys [were] really instrumental in kind of bringing us back together. They always knew how close we were. And once I squashed the beef with them, they were real verbal with going to him and saying, ‘Look, we’re not beefing with Royce no more, [there isn’t] a problem anymore.’ And I think just one day he just decided he was going to call me, so he called me, and we been back at it ever since.” (Kansas City)

Last summer, Em spoke on reuniting with Royce and admitted that their past beef was pointless.

“I’m probably gonna go through this [Recovery] album cycle with everything that I got to do with this and then when I get back home, probably jump back in the studio with [D12] and do some things with Slaughterhouse and just keep making music,” Em said in an interview. “[Me and Royce back together,] that sh*t is cool. It’s very cool, it’s good that we were able to work things out and just talk it out. I think after we lost Proof we realized how stupid this beef sh*t is. It was a serious wake-up call, man, and realizing that life’s short. It feels good to be back in touch with the homie. When I rhyme with Royce, I always gotta step it up because Royce is f*cking ill. He’s one of the illest lyricists to me, out, period.” (“The All Out Show”)

Around 2003, Royce’s beef with D12 became public on the mixtape circuit.

Royce had a falling-out with Eminem’s hip-hop group D12, including mutual friend and group member Proof. This resulted in a drawn-out, public rivalry between the rapper and five of the six members, with Royce releasing three diss tracks aimed at the group. The first diss track, “Sh*t On You,” was recorded over D12’s “Sh*t On You” beat, and mainly attacked group member Bizarre. “Malcolm X” was the second diss track, which featured Tre Little. D12 responded with “Smack Down” which was recorded over 50 Cent’s “Back Down” instrumental. Proof also recorded a diss track entitled “Many Men.” This was recorded over 50 Cent’s “Many Men (Wish Death)” instrumental. (Wikipedia)

Nearly inseparable these days, the duo’s Hell: The Sequel joint EP has remained on the Top 200 sales chart since its June release.

Grammy-winning rapper Eminem and Royce Da 5’9’s Hell: The Sequel dropped five positions to No. 20 with 17,500. After three months of availability, Bad Meets Evil’s joint EP has sold 498,500 units. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Check out some recent Royce Da 5’9 footage below:

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